Mera Balam Thanedaar 6th June 2024 Written Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 6th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Mera Balam Thanedaar 6th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bulbul telling Veer that she is very hungry. Veer asks if she wants to say that I shall eat something. Bulbul says you are sharp. He asks if she would like to have golgappa. She asks if we have get it here in the jail. He brings the golgappa. They have it. Varnika apologizes to Bulbul and says I asked you not to tell Veer Chachu, but when we told this to him, a burden went from over my head. She says now I am sure that nothing will happen to us. She says it is good that I didn’t agree to Dhristi’s sayings, and says she asked me to stay silent and don’t tell anything to Chachu, and had asked me not to meet you. Bulbul is shocked and thinks why she lied to both of us. She asks Varnika to go home. Veer and Varnika come home. Commissioner calls Veer and tells him that court hearing is at 3 pm. Veer promises that he will bring the real culprit in the court. He comes to the college as Happy Singh. Principal sees him and says I thought your investigation…Veer stops him and says they shall talk in his cabin.

They go there. Principal tells that he thought that his investigation is completed as the murderer is arrested. Veer asks how did you know, as we didn’t make this news formal. Principal tells that someone told him that Avinash was murdered in his house, and was hit repeatedly on his head. Veer is shocked and thinks even Comissioner doesn’t know this. Principal says he needs to go and attend a meeting. Just then the flight ticket and passport falls down. He sees it and calls Sir ji. Principal says yes. Veer then pretends to talk to Commissioner and calls him as Commissioner Sir ji. Principal goes. Veer comes to the PS and informs Bulbul that Principal is Sir ji. Bulbul is shocked and says he is very nice guy and looks innocent. Veer says he is the criminal. Bulbul tells him about the threat which the tea seller gave her. Veer tells her that they don’t have any proofs against Principal, but as per the tea seller’s description, the guy who threatened her was Ratan. He says all of them are related with this case. Bulbul asks him to tell if she can help him. He says no. Vayu informs Sulakshana that Bulbul will get bail and Veer will bring her there. Sulakshana says she is not freed from the case.

Bulbul pretends to faint, Champa and Chameli call Shanti. Bulbul locks the constables in the lock ip, and handcuffs the male constables with Champa and Chameli’s help. Veer comes to the PS. Bulbul hides seeing Veer. Champa and Chameli hide with Bulbul in the room of the PS. She sees the lady constable keeping her uniform. She thinks Champa and Chameli helped her so much. Veer comes inside and asks Shanti what they are doing here, and where is Bulbul? Shanti says she fled. Commissioner scolds Veer and says Bulbul fled from your custody, I asked you to leave the case. He says I have to announce that she has escaped. Veer says he is tracking Bulbul location and asks him not to do this. The tea seller hears them and goes. Veer says he had heard. Commissioner says we have planned well with Bulbul. Bulbul messages Veer that she has reached Principal’s house and made his wife believed that he sent her to pick her to take her to airport. She says she will do as they planned. Veer thinks she is wonderful and finds the way.

Episode ends.

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