Doree 6th June 2024 Written Update

Doree 6th June 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Doree 6th June 2024 Written Episode

Chakram hears Mansi on a call talking to Yash. Chakram decides to tell mansi about Anand’s plan to abduct Doree so that she can inform Ganga Prasad and Doree.
Rukmini arrives, and Chakram looks scared. She asks him why he is terrified and if he is fasting. Chakram replies that he isn’t married yet because of their blessings, so he doesn’t need to fast for his children. Rukmini assures him he will get married soon. Mansi leaves, and Chakram says she is going alone, offering to accompany her. Rukmini denies his offer and asks him to help Vansh get ready. Chakram insists he needs to go out to save Doree from Anand.

Nani asks Pavitra if she is fasting for the puja. Pavitra lies, saying she is fasting for both Doree and Flora because Ganga Prasad is sick. Flora creates a scene, demanding that Ganga keep fasting for Doree. Doree decides she will do the puja for her father every year and excuses herself.

Rukmini is performing a puja at home. Komal’s eyes are fixed on her jewels. Chakram leaves the scene. Rukmini explains that it’s a Doli (palanquin) and says her two sons will carry her in it to complete the puja. They agree.

Pavitra and Flora complete the puja. Doree brings a chair for Ganga Prasad, asking him to sit so she can help him complete the puja. Ganga asks how she will carry his weight. Doree responds that he is not a burden but her confidence. She reminds him that he used to carry her on his shoulders, and now she can carry him. He is her strength. Ganga feels proud of her as she pushes his wheelchair. Nani remarks that a daughter is not a burden and can carry her father’s weight.

Rukmini sits in the doli, and Anand and Raj carry it. Rukmini feels proud. Suddenly, Anand loses his balance, and the doli catches fire. Komal shouts, “Fire!” Rukmini asks Raj to extinguish it and scolds Anand for not being able to carry the doli properly. Mansi accuses Rukmini of being a sinister force, claiming that God is not accepting her puja. Anand rebukes Mansi, but she insists on revealing the truth about the family. She presents a report, stating that Sudha’s baby didn’t die from falling down the stairs; Rukmini aborted the baby because it was a girl. Mansi accuses Rukmini of causing Sudha’s mental depression and creating misunderstandings between Yash and Sudha. She questions why Rukmini hates girl children and accuses her of killing an innocent baby.

Rukmini defends her actions, recalling how an astrologer had warned her that a granddaughter would ruin everything, taking away her luxurious life and being the cause of her death. Rukmini declares that she won’t allow a girl baby to be born in the house and will kill anyone to prevent it.

Ganga Prasad feels proud of Doree. Someone attacks Chakram from behind. Rukmini and Mansi complete the puja, and Rukmini wonders who the girl child is, sensing that she will soon meet her. Doree waits for the Bal Nivas people. Mata Rani appears, telling Doree she made the right decision. Mata Rani compares Doree’s situation to Lord Ram’s vanavas to destroy Ravana, suggesting a new beginning for Doree. She says Doree must separate from her father to destroy the monster, leaving Doree confused.

Precap: Neelu disguised tells Doree that she is the hope in her mothers life. Flora accusses Doree of trying to separate her father from her. Doree tells her that she is going away and wonders whether she will ever meet her father again.

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