Mere Angne Mein 31st October 2015 Written Update

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Mere Angne Mein 31st October 2015 Written Update by Amena

Mere Angne Mein 31st October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mata ji getting angry seeing Pari’s cheap things. Sarla stares Kaushalya while she is grinding chutney. She says her fate is not good and taunts Kaushalya. She says Shanti has family to work after her, whereas Sarla has just hardwork to do herself. Shanti goes to kitchen and talks to Kaushalya. She tells about giving something to Sarla. Kaushalya says she forgot. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to grind chutney in grinder, and grind it traditional way. Kaushalya says mixer is easier, I just told this to Sarla. Shanti asks Kaushalya to give such mixer grinder to Sarla. She asks her to pack the grinder in new way and give Sarla.

Amit asks Sarla to come. Sarla says wait, I m waiting for grinder gift. Amit sees Riya and gets sad. Shanti brings the mixer getting it packed as new. She gifts it to Sarla. Sarla gets glad and smiles. Shanti says I won’t let you face any problem, and Sarla leaves with Amit. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to get traditional grinder from store room.

Rani comes home and goes to Amit, while its darkness in living room. She asks him to get up. He gets shocked seeing her. She gives him water. She says she has some money and It can help him. She asks him to do her work. He asks what work. She says she wants him to hold her hand infront of Sarla. Sarla comes there and switches on the lights. Sarla scolds Rani and asks her not to be around Amit. She sends Amit to sleep on ground and rests on his bed in living room. She argues with Rani and sends her to sleep in balcony. Rai curses Sarla in her heart and goes in balcony.

Its morning, Kaushalya sees her wedding pic and laughs. Nimmi comes there and teases her. Kaushalya gets scared as she suddenly takes the pic. Nimmi sees the date and says its 25th anniversary of mum and dad on 9th November. She gets glad and keeps the pic. Ashok comes to Sarla and says Pari did not come home at night. Amit says maybe she went to morning walk. Ashok asks Amit to go and find Pari. Amit says let me sleep, go. Sonal says I called Pari and she did not take my call. Pari wakes up and looks at Sujeev still sleeping. Vyom comes there and Pari starts crying.

Vyom asks what is she doing here and how did this happen. He asks her not to cry and come outside with him. He takes her outside. Ashok gets angry and says Pari will spoil their name. Amit tells Sarla that he can’s sleep on ground and asks Sarla to go. She says I won’t get up. Amit frustrated sleeps on ground again. Nimmi and Preeti talk to Shivam about parents’ silver jubilee and they decide to contribute. Shivam says he will get advance from boss. Nimmi asks what if Shanti asks him. He says I will smile infront of her like this. They pillow fight and laugh.

Raghav talks to his colleague and eats samosa. He asks how did canteen taste change. The man says Ashok’s canteen got shut, its sealed. Raghav gets shocked and asks why. The man he heard some men were running illegal things in canteen like gambling and carom. Shanti thinks to control Riya. She asks Riya to keep clothes in room. Riya manages to do household work alone. Shanti keeps an eye on her.

Vyom asks Pari why did she stay here, after Sujeev slept, what will her family think now. She cries and says forget me now, Sujeev has done a big thing and I have to meet your mum now. He says no, Sujeev can’t do this. She says I got impure, don’t touch me, I m not suitable for you. He asks what nonsense. She says she has to marry Sujeev, she has no option. He says this can’t happen. She asks him to ask Sujeev. He says Sujeev and mum won’t accept her. She cries.

Raghav meets the officials to know about canteen complaints. Raghav requests for Ashok to get a chance again and thanks the official. Shanti asks for tea. Riya gives the cups to Kaushalya. Riya says she has washed utensils, clothes and cut vegs, can she go and take bath now. Shanti says she has foot ache, can she iron her saree. Kaushalya says Riya will have to get ready and go. Shanti asks Kaushalya to make methi pakodas. Riya irons the saree. Shanti takes saree from Riya and asks her to cut some leafy vegs. Nimmi looks on as Shanti praises Riya.

Shanti gives much work to Riya and asks her to iron all her sarees. Riya holds her head. Mata ji and Mama come home. Sarla throws junk on Prabha and laughs. Prabha asks what is she doing. Prabha calls Bindu and tells about Sarla. Mata ji comes inside house and Pari tells what Sujeev did. She says Vyom told me to take care of Sujeev and Sujeev misbehaved with her. Mata ji scolds her and says this girl should not be seen here, poor road status girl, you are dreaming to become my bahu, and gets angry on her. Pari cries acting. Mata ji asks Vyom to be away from Pari.

Vyom scolds Pari for breaking his trust. Mata ji kicks out Pari from home and tells Vyom that Pari should not be seen around here. Shanti says Kaushalya is spoiling her sarees by applying haldi. Kaushalya says your leg pain has to go. Mama and Vyom question Mata ji why did she kick out Pari, when they wanted to make her Sujeev’s bride. She slaps Mama and says what do you want, Pari should run as your wife has run away. She says your wife has run away with all jewelry with road side romeo, I will make Pari my puppet and not let this happen.

Ashok asks Sarla did Pari come out. Sarla says Pari maybe in parlor. Sarla argues with Ashok. Raghav calls Sarla and asks is there any problem. She asks why is he asking. He says he was restless, so called, if you have any problem, call me. She thinks how did Raghav know Pari did not come home.

Rani thinks to videorecord Pari’s doings and goes to keep camera in the sweeper. She thinks she will bring Pari’s truth out today.

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