Mere Sai 27th February 2023 Written Update

Mere Sai 27th February 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Mere Sai 27th February 2023 Written Episode

Digambar asks his father is he feeling better. Neelkanth says yes and says lets stop by and have some food and tea.
Digambar finds hair in kachori and scolds the seller for unhygienic behaviour. Seller tries to convince it must have happened by mistake, he takes lot of care of hygiene. Digambar doesn’t listen and keeps scolding and says you have broken rules and you are playing with people’s safety and I will seal your shop. Seller begs him to not seal his shop but Digambar doesn’t listen to him and says this will eb a lesson for you. Neelkanth says Digambar everyone makes a mistake, give him one chance. Seller says please do something he isn’t listening. Digambar gets angry and attacks him. Neelkanth asks Digambar to leave and apologize to seller but Digambar still yells at him. Neelkanth prays to Sai to show Digambar the right path.

In Shirdi, Neelkanth asks Digambar to buy few sweets for Sai. Neelkanth buys sweet, he asks for modak, shopkeeper says these modak are for someone else. Gauri and Santosh walk in and asks for modak they ordered. Gauri about to pay, Digambar says I have already paid so these are mine now. Gauri says this is not fair, I asked them to make these. Neelkanth says to Digambar that lets buy something else but Digambar keeps insisting and starts threatening him. Seller requests Gauri to sort it out, he can’t interrupt more. Gauri gets annoyed and asks Santosh to say something, Santosh says let it be by something else. Digambar starts threatening her and says I am a officer and I know what is wrong and what is right and buys modak and leaves. Santosh says he was so rude. Gauri says but you didn’t stand for yourself. Santosh says why are you fighting with me, just buy something else and lets go. Gauri says now only Sai can help me.

Digambar and his family arrive in Dwarka Mai, Tatya asks them to wait for their turn. Malchapati and his family arrives. Digambar and Santosh look at eachother.
Digambar says to Neelkanth its our turn now, but a woman rushes to Sai, Digambar starts arguing with her fo cutting the line. Tatya tries to calm him down but Digambar in return starts scolding him for not doing his job properly of making sure the que is followed. Neelkanth gets angry and says what is this behaviour. Digambar starts counting his post and authority again. Sai asks the woman why did she rush, she says I agree that Digambar is right but her child is unwell and she has to go home by evening with medicine. Sai asks Santosh who is right between them. Santosh walks to Sai and says how can I say something. Digambar says who is he to talk in between but my father is unwell too I am not cutting que. Sai says but balance is also important, and you have to understand where to give humanity importance and when to give rules importance.

Sai asks Jhipri to give udhi and gives it to the mother and says mix it in water and give it to your child he will be fine.
Sai says to everyone we have to understand a situation and try to balance it, your father is doing well but Rajni’s son is still unwell and you didn’t understand her pain and this is not humanity and in Dwarka Mai onw who doesn’t consider humanity is wrong and threatening people using your post is wrong. Sai says Santosh you face same issues. Santosh says Sai I don’t like arguing. Digambar says and I don’t think I am wrong anywhere and anyways I am here for my father please cure him. Sai says Neelkanth will be fine but it will take time and please stay in Dixit Vada. Digambar says we can’t. Neelkanth says we will.
Sai says Santosh you with your family also shift to Dixit Vada. Digambar says why will they stay with me. Santosh asks Gauri to tell Sai he doesn’t want to stay with Digambar and since she brought him here she has to talk to Sai.

Gauri requests Sai to not ask them to stay with Digambar who is so rude. Digambar yells at her back. Sai asks them to stop and says your problems will be solved and for that you all have to stay on Dixit Vada.
Sai says its my time to visit temple, I will see you all later and leaves.

Malchapati says to Santosh, if Sai has asked there is surely some reason so I suggest you shift there.
Neelkanth says to Digambar, my devotion towards Sai brought me here so we will stay in Dixit Vada.

Santosh, Gauri and Kamla leaving for Dixit Vada, Malchapati accompanies them. Martand stops Gauri and asks her not to leave him and starts insisting. Malchapati scolds Martand and asks Parvati to talk to him and leaves with Gauri, Santosh and Kamla.

Digambar says to Neelkanth, Sai just wants to trouble us. Neelkanth says you don’t know Sai and his ways, and what would happen if we stay here and my cure is only here near Sai. Digambar says I have so much work. His wife says but you are at leave. Neelkanth says you are lying to me. Digambar says I just hide the truth because I don’t want to stay here.

At Dixit Vada it is informed that only 2 rooms are left and Digambar is forcefully taking both rooms. Gauri stands against it and says to him, you talk a lot about rules then how are you doing this?
Digambar says there is no such rule and I will buy both rooms and forcefully takes room but Digambar not able to go inside, he is confused and Sai walks in.

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