Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th April 2015 Written Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th April 2015 Written Update by Sona

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 30th April 2015 Written Episode

Ritika is shocked to hear and shouts is there an accident of Ranveer. Lakshmi controls Amba, Ritika promises to come to hospital. Ishaani was crying badly when Ritika comes there, she hugs Ritika and both cry. Ritika asks how did the accident take place, Ishaani looks at Amba and Lakshmi. The doctor comes out then, he says that Ishaani told it was accidental case, there wasn’t much physical injury but he is in trauma. They can’t say anything until he comes to consciousness. Ishaani and Ritika hug again crying. Ishaani tells Ritika nothing will happen to Ranveer. Amba asks did it take place when Ranveer was following him. Ritika asks Amba not to say anything to Ishaani as she brought Ranveer here. Lakshmi takes Amba along, Ritika holds the crying Ishaani and consoles her.
At home, Chaitali says to Ritesh that they must bring Ishaani back. Baa says Ishaani won’t come back home. She says Chaitali is bringing Ishaani back because of Krisha’s family and not because she is our daughter. Chaitali asks what is wrong in this, when did Baa herself accepted Ishaani as her daughter. She hated Ishaani for whole of her life. Baa says yes, she hated Ishaani ever but today when she looks back at her she thinks Ishaani did the most for this family. Because she wasn’t Harshid’s daughter but his shadow. She learned from Harshid how to love the family. She says she knows why she went to jail, upon’s Dewarsh’s denial she didn’t come here, she didn’t meet Ranveer because he married Ritika and is happy with her. Baa says when Ishaani has lost each and everything, she must stay where she lives happily and she isn’t going to be happy in this house. She says today, she knows why Harshid loved Ishaani so much and if she can’t do atleast this for Ishaani, she won’t be able to face her son after death, so Ishaani won’t come to this house.
Ranveer opens his eyes to see doctor instructing nurse to check on his BP. He makes a noice, the doctor comes to attend her. Ranveer asks where is he. The doctor says he had an accident and is in hospital. RV asks about the girl and inspite of doctor asking him not to move, he struggles out of the room. Ishaani was waiting outside, RV walks through the corridor with much pain and difficulty, looking for Ishaani. He walks down the stairs and comes to see Ishaani. Ishaani looks at him, while he had tears in eyes which come out to his cheek. He moves towards Ishaani bare-footed, while Ishaani moves towards him. Ranveer loses control of himself, Ishaani holds him helping him stand. He looks at her hand on his arm as he holds her, then touches her face. He says Ishaani, is she alive? In front of him? He says yes, this is her as he holds her face. He says he knew she would come for sure, and here she has returned. He hugs Ishaani, Ishaani cries. He says for a moment, he thought he was dreaming what she always dreamt of that she might come home. But this isn’t dream, she is alive in front of him. She doesn’t know how he lived without her, he didn’t understand was he living as dead person? He now thinks as if he has got a new life again and hugs her again. He says he always waited for her, but that wait had no hope. It was his love, he made that wait the reason for his life. Now he won’t let her go away, he dreamed of her daily, now he will keep her in front of his eyes. He hugs her again and says he is so happy that she is alive, in front of him. Ishaani says she is also very happy that he is fine and in front of her. He asks why she didn’t come to meet him after being freed from jail. Ishaani says she has to go. RV asks where? Ishaani says she just had to see if he is fine, he is so she is going. He stops her and asks why she didn’t come to him? She says she didn’t just come to her front. She asks she can’t answer his questions, and why should he? She asks him not to waste time. He asks why she lived as Shekhar’s house and why she became Nirupa. Ishaani says Shekhar’s mom allowed her to stay at her house and she wanted to hide from him so she changed her name. She says he just had an operation, she can’t tell him the truth. Ishaani says she can’t hear the truth, RV says his heart bear a lot and can hear anything. Shekhar hears this, comes to RV and asks him to leave her. He tells RV she isn’t Nirupa, she is Ishaani Parekh, daughter of Falguni Parekh. RV says he knows about it. Ishaani heads to leave. Shekhar asks if he is her family friend. RV says not friend, he is her husband. RV asks didn’t she tell him they are married and she is his wife. Shekhar leaves RV’s hand. Ishaani looks away from Shekhar, then removes RV’s hand off hers and turns away. She says he is right, Shekhar. She married him, but she never loved him and never accepted him as husband. She was married forcibly to him because her mother thought he will keep her happy but how can one live happy with a person whom one doesn’t love. She says she never loved him and will never be able to do.

PRECAP: Ishaani tells Shekhar outside that understand love is the most difficult thing. What you say in love can’t be undersood by people and you can’t tell anyone what you feel.

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  1. ekta
    May 01, 11:05 Reply

    why this ekta kapoor keeps on playing with emotions of viewers..and if she is starting some track, why dont she finish it and clarify all the happenings. when is she going to solve the previous mysteries of the show.

  2. mk
    May 01, 04:47 Reply

    ye track jaldi khatam nahi hoga jab tak ritika ne chirag or falguni ka murder kiya hai ye sabit nahi hota aur rv ka nach baliya khatam nahi hota

    • mk
      May 01, 04:48

      happy birthday god bless you have a blast 🙂

  3. kavya
    May 01, 00:36 Reply

    happy birthday radhika…….

  4. Alia
    April 30, 23:30 Reply

    i jst loved the way RV said that he is her hubby not friend…..Ishani should not say to Ranveer that she dont love him any ways i am so exciting for the upcoming episodes of MATSH wen Ishani will know the true color of Ritika and decide to punish her by claiming her as Ranveer’s wife Ishani Ranveer Vaghela

    • alseèmoon
      May 01, 00:21

      “I am agree with you””

  5. Shruti
    April 30, 23:18 Reply

    Somebody please give this writer a punch in the face!! This show is getting super annoying and dumb!? I think Ekta is the queen of nonsense!!

    • aaliya
      May 01, 04:00

      i don’t think so after all what is drama, it has to keep you hooked and smooth tracks are good but not so interesting as twists and turns, by the way Ishani will read Ritika’s message and and figure out why she called Ishani to terrace; to throw her from the balcony but instead Falguni went. She will also reveal Ritika’s evil side to people and decice to tell everyone that she is alive.she might even get to that ranveer ritika aren’t married and that ranveer is not going to become a will be good to see ishani coming back to RV after so long even with all the odds

  6. dida
    April 30, 23:16 Reply

    Ishaani should be crazy, I think she should see a psychologist, how do you suffer for a guy and you tell him in front of some one else that you never loved him…this script is now not making sense! Ranveer knows that Ishaani honestly loves him what’s that look like.Shekhar get lost! ThoS

  7. Preetu
    April 30, 20:26 Reply

    plzz giv ds stpd writer some sense.. miee god.. i cn undrstnd dey nd to stretch d show bt on d cost of neutrality n quality..!!!!

  8. Zahra Zaroo jan
    April 30, 19:41 Reply

    How can someone be that dum like ishani and stupid idiot this writer is stupid than for writing rubbish, drama is getting rubbish

  9. SD
    April 30, 19:29 Reply

    Ishani is soooo annoying and despicable!!!!!!

  10. Mirela
    April 30, 19:23 Reply

    The reason why Ishani is so rude to Ranveer is maybe because she is not like Ritika, who will step over dead bodies only to achieve her aim – Ishani doesn’t want Ritika to suffer because her love for Ranveer; or, perhaps because Ranveer has given up of her, Ishani, so easily – when she was released from jail after 6 months, she was so happy that she would see Ranveer again but she was shattered when she accidentally heard and saw with her own eyes the bitter truth in some restaurant that Ranveer considers Ritika his wife; or, maybe, because he hasn’t been able to trust her enough in some key situations; or, simply, because his love hasn’t been strong enough to distinguish between the truth and her lies; or, finally, because she promised Amba that she would not be in Ranveer’s life – and Ishani is a person of her words…

    • Mirela
      April 30, 19:43

      …but love is always such…and the person whose love for someone is that strong cannot act reasonably and rationally…neither can others understand it…but although both Ishani and Ranveer obviously love each other enormously, they, for some reasons, cannot act the way we expect them to do…

    • aaliya
      May 01, 04:02

      i totally agree, just like baa said, ‘ishani ghar todnay walon mein se nahi, jodnay walon mein se hai’.

  11. Ranveer
    April 30, 17:05 Reply

    Why is ishani so rude to ranveer ranveer love ishani crazy but why is shani so stoopid fuckin idiot

  12. monsta123
    April 30, 16:53 Reply

    Ishani is such a dumb idiot flipping hell if she loves rv why won’t she just admit it instead of hurting him

    • Mustafa
      April 30, 17:07

      Because writer want thy ishani doing what written say to her

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