Piya Rangrezz 30th April 2015 Written Update

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Piya Rangrezz 30th April 2015 Written Update by MA

Piya Rangrezz 30th April 2015 Written Episode

Shraddha calls Sher and tells she wants to meet him. Bhavri devi and her aides get happy. Shraddha reaches Sher Singh and stands behind his bike. He asks from when she is standing and asks her to speak. She says she wants to marry him by heart. He asks if it is heart’s voice or his amma’s warning. She says it is her sole decision and she thought a lot after he left. He asks what did she think. She says she will never get a better life partner than him, he would have forced her and nobody in zilla would oppose him, but he allowed her to think. She will marry him whenever he wants. He says now he wants to think when he wants to marry and leaves in his bike.

Bhavri’s employee says he could get only 10 barrels from 50 tonnes raw material. She hits him and says she gets 15 barrels and knows everything. She gets Shraddha’s call who calls her by name. She asks her to call amma and asks if she spoke to Sher Singh. Shraddha with trembling lips tries to speak. Sher Singh comes and Bhavri changes her tune. Sher asks if she went to meet Shraddha’s family. She says he wanted her to meet them. He says Shraddha came and accepted to marry him. Uncle/Mama says Shraddha realized her mistake and realized she will not get a groom like Sher. Bhavri asks if she had to accept, why did she reject him. Mama continues his buttering. She asks him to stop and says he is acting like shakuni mama. Sher singh says he knows her ego is hurt and must have forced Shradhha. She says Shraddha must have started loving him. He says he will marry Shraddha but does not want her to force Shraddha. She says even she was like Shraddha when she married his dad, but with her beauty she overtook his business and now she does not want to do the mistake which his dad this. She asks if she should get guest list. Sher leaves in bike. She calls his goon and asks not to harm Shraddha. She calls shraddha’s dad masterji and says Shraddha agreed for marriage and asks not t make any mistake in marriage and save her number till marriage.

Masterji starts crying and tells his mom that he never thought his children’s life would ruin like this. He gave good educatio and morales to children, but did not think his son would die like that and now his daughter. She says whatever happened to Shaurya was not in their control, her life is in her control and she promises she will not let it ruined.

Bhavri tells her brother she gave birth to Sher and knows him well, if Shraddha does not marry him, it will hurt his ego and will become majnu. She says in 3 weeks, every majnu’s love ghost will destroy. Mama asks if she wants her son to become majnu. She says she will make her son groom and not manju, if he tries, she will slap him and get him on tack.

Shraddha and Sher singh’s premarriage rituals start. Mom performs rituals over Shraddha sadly. Neighbour asks her to cheer up. Shraddha sheds tears. In Sher’s house, his cousin starts misbehaving with a girl while performing Sher’s haldi ritual and jokes with her. Sher smiles. He tells girl that tiger will always be tiger and will never become cat. He asks his cousin if he wants to marry this girl, he will arrange his marriage after Sher singh. An old lady comes and says she will marry him. Cousin jokes if he does not marry this girl, he will get aunt. Lady says she is not less than girls. Everyone laugh and enjoy the moment. Shraddha is seen sleeping sadly on cot with mehandi on her hands.

Precap: During Shraddha’s marriage, pandit calls groom’s brother to perform rituals. A man wearing blazer enters and is shocked to see Shraddha.

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  1. swapna
    May 04, 13:59 Reply

    Sher sing is so handsome.. lovely show aft a long time

  2. neha
    May 04, 13:56 Reply

    Really excited for next episod.

  3. Anon Ymous
    May 01, 00:03 Reply

    I love Shraddha and Sher Singh! The way he looks at her is amazing. Anyone have the link to to title song?

  4. XOXO
    April 30, 20:17 Reply

    sooooo excited for tomorrow!!

  5. Sapna
    April 30, 18:35 Reply

    Please dont bring a love triangle in……..Sher Singh is just superb

    • SD
      April 30, 19:41

      Yeah. He is perfect!!!!!

    • Her
      April 30, 20:18

      Yes he is. They make a great pair!

    • kriti
      May 05, 00:55

      yes i agree.

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