Meri Durga 19th August 2017 Written Update

Meri Durga 19th August 2017 Written Update by Amena

Meri Durga 19th August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone seeing the special food items kept. Yashpal comes and says there are more items, I don’t know about the feast, as Rajveer asked me to get this. Rajveer stops Shilpa from eating anything and says all this is for Durga, then I will not let Durga eat anything that comes between her and her race, her strict training will start now, she will have fruits, boiled vegs and milk from now, all these fried things and sweets will be out, Durga has to follow these rules if she wants my training. Durga says I will stop all this from today itself, as aim is big, so hardwork will be bigger too. She goes.

Rajveer asks where are jalebis. Yashpal says Durga left seeing jalebis after that incident. Rajveer says we will know if that incident harmed her a lot. He goes. Durga recalls
Sanjay. She gets Sanjay’s message. Sanjay writes a cute message and asks her to reply that she has forgiven him. He writes I have helped you twice, by saving your life and insult. Durga replies he won’t get forgiveness. He replies its good, your mood will change soon. She gets offline. He thinks atleast the matter went ahead and smiles.

Annapurna asks the name of guy who saved her life. Durga says he didn’t save my life. Annapurna says you would have got hurt, he helped you, give sweets to that guy in college.

Gayatri gets ready and comes to her bahu. She scolds her for the deceive and says even Lord is annoyed with you. She pours cold water on her head. She asks her bahu to feed milk to Naagdevta. The maid takes off her slipper. Gayatri asks her bahu to go now.

Durga wakes up and sees time. She gets ready and comes downstairs. Durga greets Yashpal. He says I will get tea for you. She sees the time 5.30am. Rajveer throws a bucket of water on her. They get shocked. Durga says I was ready, but…. Rajveer throws cold water on her again and says weak people make excuses, time won’t wait for you, if you love her, make her sit in kitchen, don’t send her for training. He throws more water on Durga.

Yashpal asks what did she do now. Rajveer asks Durga to answer yes or no, without any but. She says yes. He says champions are not such, they are mad and passionate, they don’t see anything than the race and finishing line, just get that passion and then we will talk of training. Durga says I have passion to touch finishing line first, I will fight with everyone and even you, but I won’t lose. He says first fight with yourself, come on time, then we will talk. He goes.

Durga comes to college. Sam asks about sweets. She says its Janmashtami prasad. He takes the box. She says its not for you. He asks for whom is this then? She sees Sanjay coming. Sam says I will see him. Sanjay says these flowers are for you, not Durga. Sam asks are you mad, are you gay. Sanjay smiles and says uncle, Durga is my friend, so my friend’s friend is also my friend, so I got this for you. Sam throws the flowers and says stop your nonsense, Durga doesn’t want your friendship, leave from here.

Sam and Sanjay get into an argument. They hold each other’s collar. Durga worries. She stops them. Sanjay warns Sam.

Aarti says what will I do here if I have no friendship, I m leaving college. Sanjay says superb. Yashpal finds Durga tied to the bed. Rajveer stops him from freeing Durga.

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