Meri Gudiya 5th February 2020 Written Update

Meri Gudiya 5th February 2020 Written Update by Amena

Meri Gudiya 5th February 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raghav coming and getting shocked seeing the fire. Ratri and Adrika shout for help. Raghav saves them. Madhuri thinks my revenge fire would have hurt my family, I should be careful, Avi shouldn’t know this, else she will get scared. Raghav asks how did this happen. Ratri says diya dropped by Adrika’s hands. Avi wakes up and goes to see Pari. She gets Pari. Adrika sees the fire disappearing. Avi greets her good night. Adrika worries. She runs. Pari asks why did Adika run away. Raghav puts hand in water bowl. Ratri says I m not getting ointment, I m sorry. Raghav says your safety is my responsibility. She says its my responsibility to keep you tension free.

He says right, go and sleep. Ratri goes to room. Adrika says Rudraksh is very clever, he has pushed us to fight with the powers, I m so innocent, I don’t want to stay in his house, I will go. She cries. Ratri stops her. She says keep Avi engaged, I have to celebrate sangeet with Raghav, all the tension will be mine. Raghav sees his burnt hand and recalls Madhuri caring for his burn before. Madhuri thinks of him. She goes to Raghav and stays by his side. Pari gets the ointment from the drawer. She applies it to Raghav’s hand. He holds her hand in sleep. She thinks sorry, I won’t do anything that puts my family in danger. Its morning, Sushma recalls the ancestral jewellery. Maa gives it to Ratri. Avi stops her and says you can’t take this, its my mumma’s jewellery. Maa says now Ratri is going to become your new mumma, she will do all mum’s work, so she should get mumma’s things, right.

Avi says Ratri said she won’t take mumma’s place and stay as my best friend. Ratri takes her. Avi asks why are you taking her things. Ratri says your Dadi is giving me, I can’t refuse, she will feel bad. Avi says I will talk to her. Ratri says no, its not a kids’ thing, give it to me, it belongs to bride. Avi sadly goes. Ratri says I explained her.

Sushma says you would have scared her. Ratri says no way. Avi talks to Pari. She recalls Madhuri adorning her with the jewellery. She says I will give this to you, you look so lovely. She kisses Avi. FB ends. Avi says where are you mumma. Anjali comes and gives a dress to Avi. She says we both will dance in sangeet party, come. She makes Avi ready. Ratri and Adrika come in the sangeet. Adrika says I m bride’s sister, this is the songs list, just play this romantic songs. She says Ratri, I did my work, Raghav will like to dance on the songs. Ratri says keep Avi away. Adrika says okay. Avi and Rangoli give the songs and asks the man to play kids song. The man says we are asked not to play kids song. Ratri dances with Adrika and Anjali. Raghav looks on. Munda thoda off beat hai….Nachne de saare…. plays… Madhuri thinks I won’t let sangeet get complete.

Avi asks shall I dance. Ratri says your legs will ache, go and take rest. Rangoli asks Avi did she see how Ratri made her aside. Avi says she is thinking about me. Rangoli says such is stepmother.

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