Meri Hanikarak Biwi 31st January 2018 Written Update

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 31st January 2018 Written Update by Amena

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 31st January 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts Pushpa doing Ira’s grahpravesh. She says I will always look after you. Devina looks on and gets angry. Pushpa asks Ira to give her good news in two months, she is talking about the child. Vallabh asks how can this happen. Bhavik says she doesn’t know that marriage is fake. Indu manages by a lie. Vallabh says you are not understanding. Pushpa says you are hurt for her bidaai, talk to Ira. She goes. Vallabh says I can’t tolerate this drama now, I wasn’t happy with this, I can understand the situation, I want to give you a gift. He gifts her a doctor’s set. He says this is your dream, which we have seen together. She cries.

Vallabh says I know Pushpa, she has narrow thinking, I didn’t get you educated to serve husband and Saas, my gift will remind you dreams.

Akhilesh says Pushpa doesn’t express anything, my life is ruined by a city girl, I promise I won’t let Ira’s studies get a hurdle. Vallabh says I wasn’t ready for your fake marriage and fake bidaai, I didn’t imagine this ever. He blesses her and goes. Indu asks Ira to call him if she needs. Siddhi asks Devina to stop drinking, Akhilesh can never have a child.
Devina says he got a girl, which wasn’t possible. Ladies prepare the big bowl of rose petals and milk for ring ceremony. Devina takes some glass pieces. She says I will do this work. She adds glasses in the bowl. Aditya and Siddhi smile. Devina says I will make Akhilesh and Ira play this game. Pushpa says you always spoil things.
Devina asks Akhilesh and Ira to find the ring, without talking to each other. Pushpa and Bhavik cheer for them. Akhilesh gets hurt and thinks what glass is hurting my hand. Siddhi says it will be good when glass pieces hurt her. Akhilesh hears this. He worries for Ira. He thinks I won’t let Ira get hurt. He holds Ira’s hand. Ira thinks why is he holding my hand, I will teach him a lesson. Devina asks Ira not to talk.

Lakhan asks how did milk color turn red. Devina says we added flowers, its leaving a color. Ira thinks Akhilesh is giving the ring to me, what’s happening. She shows the ring. Everyone claps. Akhilesh quickly leaves. He says why shall I have any hope from Devina, she can never change. He applies haldi to his hand. Ira comes and asks how dare you hold my hand, this marriage may happen for real, its a mistake, don’t show your rights on me, you said you just hate me, what was all this, you thought you will win my heart, maybe your heart changed… He says no, see these wounds, I was protecting you, I was saving you from glass pieces, else I m not interested to hold your hand. She says I m really sorry, I misunderstood you again, who can do this, Devina would have done this, I will tell Pushpa. He says no need to tell mum. She says she should also know this. He refuses.

He asks her not to interfere in his house. She sees his wounds and applies ointment. Pushpa comes to them. Pushpa sees his hand wounds. Akhilesh says nothing happens to me. Ira’s gift falls down. Pushpa sees the doctor kit. Akhilesh and Ira worry.

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