Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 26th June 2023 Written Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 26th June 2023 Written Update by MA

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 26th June 2023 Written Episode

Gaura suddenly enters Varun’s office. Varun thinking her as a servant shouts you fool, then seeing her sings Phool Tumhe Bheja Hai Khat Mein.. song. He says its his favorite song and hymns it a lot. Rekha emerges and chats with Gaura. Gaura informs Varun that her bhooth boss is in his office. She gets school principal’s call who says she can’t give admission to kids/her brothers if she doesn’t pay school fees by today. Gaura asks how can she arrange 50000 rs in a day, she had asked to pay fees in a week. Principal says she can’t help. Gaura tells Som that she got a client’s call and leaves. Rekha asks Gaura why don’t she take help from her business partner Varun. Gaura says she can’t. Two ghosts are seen peeping into Varun’s cabin.

Som brings his client home and goes to get his ordered necklace. He finds necklace missing from his cupboard and gets tensed. Twinkle returns home wearing that necklace. Som asks why did she wear that necklace. Twinkle says she found it in her cupboard and wore it. Som scolds her that she should ask him first as it’s client’s necklace. Their argument ensues. Client walks away blaming Som. Twinkle throws necklace away on a sofa. Som picks it and cleans it. Twinkle says he feels so disgusted with her that he is cleaning the necklace. Som says he can’t give a sweat smeared necklace to his client. Kanchan and Rahul watch their fight and feel happy.

Gaura reaches school to request principal to give her some time to pay the face. She sees Varun there who says he already paid the fees and complains that she didn’t share her problem with him as a friend. Rekha says Varun is a good boy. Varun insists Gaura to drop her home. Gaura agrees. Two ghosts are seen sitting in his car’s backseat. Varun calls Som and asks him for a meet. They meet at a bar, get heavily drunk, and discuss about their lady love/Gaura unkowingly.

Precap: Police arrests Som and Varun. Varun calls Gaura to come and bail him out. Gaura is shocked to see Som in police station. Twinkle is also seen heading towards police station.

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