Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 27th January 2023 Written Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 27th January 2023 Written Update by MA

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 27th January 2023 Written Episode

Gaura tightly hugs Som from behind. Som asks her to leave him. She says she wouldn’t have held him if she had to leave him. He asks who is she. She gets more afraid hearing weird voices. She insists Som to drop her home as she is afraid of champakiya chudail. He asks if she calls her mother as champakiya chudail. She says she means real chudail. He says his car is broken. She says he can walk though and holds his hand tight until he drops her to her house. He says why she is afraid of chudails when she herself stays next to a crematorium. She calls him Bhootnath and asks him to go. Lakshmi notices that and trashes her and asks why she is late. Gaura describes whole story. Lakhsmi asks where is rasgulla pot. Gaura says she dropped it on the way. Lakshmi continues to beat her.

Rekha tests Twinkle in detail and likes her. Twinkle’s mother jokes. Rekha laughs on it and promises to introduce Twinkle to Som soon. Twinkle says she saw Som in mela and liked him. Rekha assures that she will get her married to Som and leaves with servant Pardesi. Back home, she offers 500 rs to Pardesi. Pardesi demands 2000 rs to not give her information to Ganga. Rekha gives her gold bangle and says its worth 1.25 lakhs at least. Pardesi gets happy holding bangle. Rekha clicks his pic and blackmails him. He returns bangle and seeks 100 rs. She gives him 100 rs and sings Pardesi Pardesi Jaana Nahi.. song.

Next morning, Rekha asks Som if he saw Twinkle’s photo she sent him. He says yes. She asks him to meet Twinkle today. He says he needs to visit temple with daadi. She gives him juice and ask him to finish it in one go. He finishes juice. Cousin asks Ganga to hurry up as he has to drop her to temple and then go somewhere. Ganga waits for Som. Som says he is feeling unwell and hence can’t accompany her. Rekha asks him to rest and suggests Ganga also to visit temple tomorrow. Kanchan reminds Ganga that they need to find some girl. Ganga leaves with Kanchan and her son. Rekha gives medicine to Som and asks him to rest for sometime.

Som rests for some time and feels better. Rekha asks him to go and meet Twinkle at a restaurant now. He leaves. Twinkle calls Rekha that she is at a restaurant. Rekha says sent Som there and he will reach any time. Twinkle does some jokergiri. Som reaches. She impresses Som with her emotional drama. Som proposes her to marry him. She happily hugs him.

Precap: Ganga sings bhajan in mela, slips, and falls. Gaura slips into dirt while saving a kid. Kanchan tells Ganga that she is a small girl who called Gaura as champakiya chudail. Ganga says only this girl will become Som’s mother.

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