Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 6th July 2023 Written Update

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 6th July 2023 Written Update by MA

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 6th July 2023 Written Episode

Twinkle nurses Som’s injury and shows her concern for him. Som says he got his Twinkle back after a long time. Twinkle says she will bring turmeric milk for him. Som holds her hand and makes her sit. They both talk emotionally. She goes to bring turmeric milk for him. Varun calls Som and asks how did he injure himself. Som says he was coming to meet him and fell down in dark, his wife ordered him not to get out of bed. Varun says bhabhiji is right and asks him to rest tonight and attend his party with babhiji tomorrow. Som agrees. Varun asks Gaura if they can have his birthday dinner tomorrow and just cut the cake today. Gaura agrees. Rekha says Varun will gather courage to propose Gaura by tomorrow.

Rahul and Kanchan complain Ganga that Som wants to kick them out of the house and asks her to slap Som and kick him out of the house instead. Ganga slaps Rahul and says Som is trying hard to save family’s dignity and they are trying to destroy it, even she doesn’t want them to be in her house. Kanchan says she needs equal property share or else she will go to court. Ganga says she surely can as her father gave her more than Ramesh got, so Som will get more share then. Kanchan warns her that she will never see her face again. Ganga says she will send her to jail if she returns again. Rahul takes Kanchan from there.

Varun calls Som in the morning and invites him for the dinner party and requests him to be present when he proposes his business party tonight. Som says he will be present wth his wife tonight. At the temple, Gaura prays god for Rekha’s mukti. Rekha thinks she is burning her hand for some one else and praying god. God listens to Gaura’s prayers and gives mukti to Rekha. She gets back her memory. Yamdooths emerge and inform her that her DIL got her mukti. Rekha emotionally speaks to Gaura and gets ready to leave the world. Drama continues..

Precap: Varun proposes Gaura with a ring and asks will she marry him.

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