Mishri 10th July 2024 Written Update

Mishri 10th July 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Mishri 10th July 2024 Written Episode

Mishri wonders how she will meet Raghav. To her surprise, Raghav gets into the same jeep. Mishri tells him she was about to meet him and, by God’s grace, they met there. He asks who she is, and she replies that she is his soon-to-be wife. She asks if he will allow her to continue her studies after marriage, assuring him that she will still fulfill her duties as a wife. Raghav assures her that he will support her education. Grandma tells her to let go of his hand. Mishri is shocked to see someone else sitting there, as she had imagined Raghav.

Meanwhile, Kalpana tells Sulekha that she hasn’t kept her promise yet. She wants Raghav to marry her daughter. Mishri, searching for Raghav, likes a bracelet, and Grandma encourages her to buy it. Kalpana asks Sulekha to maintain their relationship and accept this union. Grandpa says they can’t fix the wedding without Raghav’s consent. Chithra reminds everyone that Anirudh broke her trust, and she doubts Raghav because he is Anirudh’s son.

Grandpa emphasizes the importance of Raghav’s consent, not just trust. Kalpana feels they should give the relationship a chance, but Sulekha is hesitant. Grandma asserts that Raghav will marry her daughter without needing anyone’s permission.

Meanwhile, villagers are beating a thief. Mishri tries to stop them but is pushed down. Raghav arrives on his bike, and the bracelet falls from Mishri’s hand. She is surprised to see him. Raghav stops the people from attacking the boy, asking if they have never made mistakes in their lives. He admits to making many mistakes himself and therefore cannot beat the boy. Mishri understands his good intentions. Raghav tells the boy to return the money and sees that he stole it for his sick, starving sister. Raghav gives him money for medicine and food, asking him to meet at his office the next day to arrange school admission. He emphasizes the importance of education. Mishri is impressed and shares her happiness with Grandma. Raghav finds the bracelet and wears it.

He meets Vaani and tells her everything. She praises him and mentions wanting to light a diya. They are by the Gangapur River, discussing their alliance. Mishri arrives, and her dupatta falls on them, but she fails to notice Raghav and Vaani.

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