Parineetii 10th July 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 10th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 10th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sanju goes upstairs. Pari’s saree gets stuck in the nail. Sanju is coming upstairs. Pari tries to take it off. Sanju comes there. He asks are you okay? I am sorry about everything. She says yeah I am fine. You should focus on the pooja.

The pooja starts. sanju does the arti. Pari comes back wearing her other blouse with a white saree. Neeti and Gurinder are shocked and upset. Pari sits in the pooja. Gurinder says how will we see the mole now? Pari sits there. Neeti spills water on her. Neeti says you should go and change. Pari says I am fine. Neeti says you can’t sit wet in the pooja. She asks Babli to take her to change.

Sunny calls Ambika. She says to go in and check what is happening. I am stuck in the traffic. He says I am going in. Neeti says she will wear a sleeveless blouse and it will show her mole. Pari comes downstairs in a different dress. Neeti and Gurinder are shocked. She looks just like Pari. Everyone gets emotional. Neeti says you came back in your real attire. Pari says you’re psycho. I just wore the clothes that were there. she says show me your mole. Pari says are you mad? Sanju stops Neeti. He says stop it. Neeti says she can’t fool us. sanju says it’s Parvati. She says she has a mole on her shoulder. I will expose her. Ambika comes there and says you have gone crazy. You are a mad person. Pari says she has gone crazy. She has been forcing me to wear a sleeveless blouse. Neeti tries to touch Pari. Ambika shouts how dare you. She belongs in a mental asylum. She will destroy everything. Pari says she is obsessed with Pari. She has some guilt related to Pari which has made her crazy. Neeti is shocked. Ambika says she is a disgusting girl. They go downstairs. Ambika asks Pari ar you okay? She says yes. Ambika calls Pari and tells her what Neeti is planning. She told her to not wear anything sleeveless.

Sanju says to Neeti what do you want? You will destroy everything. Ambika says to Gurpreet and Pami I know how you feel when you see Parvati. I understand your pain. Parvati is like your daughter too. You can meet her whenever you want. Gurpreet asks if she can let Pari stay there for the pooja. Pari says I can stay. Sanju says to Neeti you will destroy us all. Please stop creating this drama. Neeti says have you started falling for this Parvati now? sanju says you have gone crazy. They are just our business partners. She says I am very sensible. Sanju says you’re acting like a mad person. Pari says our deal is over, here are the cancellation papers.

Episode ends

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