Mishri 9th July 2024 Written Update

Mishri 9th July 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Mishri 9th July 2024 Written Episode

Mishri promises Grandma that she will take care of her even after getting married. She expresses her desire to meet Raghav before the wedding, and Grandma assures her that it will happen. Shakti, upset, complains to Bela that Mishri wants to meet another man even though she is supposed to marry him. He angrily declares it won’t happen. Bela mentions that Raghav’s family liked Mishri’s photo without meeting her, so they might misunderstand if she meets him now. Grandma reassures Bela that Mishri has agreed to the marriage, and Bela advises Mishri accordingly.

Meanwhile, Raghav’s family is excited as Kalpana’s car arrives. Parvati feels out of place and tells Raghav she needs to rest due to her wheezing problem. He assists her to her room. Shakti, wearing a modern shirt, tries to impress Mishri in the kitchen, asking if he looks handsome. Mishri politely says he looks good, but he fails to impress her. Babli wonders what is happening.

Grandma secretly helps Mishri by noting the groom’s address and name on the back of a photo, and Mishri thanks her. Kalpana and her husband arrive, and Sulekha performs an arathi for Kalpana. Kalpana looks around and is introduced to Ridhi, appreciating her respect. Bela praises Shakti’s appearance. Mishri, trying to create a distraction, sends a rat into the room. She attempts to retrieve the horoscope but Bela grabs it, giving Mishri a newspaper instead. After removing the rat, Bela criticizes Mishri’s cleaning and threatens to break her hand.

Raghav scolds his mom, Parvati, for not resting properly and reminds her to always keep her inhaler. Parvati asks Raghav to meet Kalpana, but he insists on staying with her until she convinces him otherwise. Sulekha talks to Kalpana about the unchanged state of the house and asks about Vani. Kalpana lies, saying Vani is busy with work, and Sulekha requests a video call with Vani.

Meanwhile, Giri tells Mishri they can’t find the groom’s name and address, but Mishri has memorized it. Grandma suggests Mishri write it down behind Raghav’s photo, calling him her king. Mishri is eager to meet him soon. Kalpana video calls Vani and shows her everyone, but Vani refuses to meet them. Raghav meets Kalpana, receives her blessing, and impresses her. Sulekha praises him, and they celebrate the wedding anniversary. Raghav imagines Vani there but then receives a call from her saying her car has a flat tire. He rushes to help her, and Mishri meets him.

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