Mangal Lakshmi 9th July 2024 Written Update

Mangal Lakshmi 9th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Mangal Lakshmi 9th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Adit takes out the cash to deliver. He ignores the letter Mangal left there. He takes the cash and goes to the place where his boss asked. He says Mohandas sent me. He says Pappu takes the cash. Adit says count it. He says no one care dare to take our money. They ask Adit to leave.

Gayatri brings Lakshmi and Karthik to the temple for pooja. They go inside. Karthik and Lakshmi do the pooja together. Karthik looks at her and smiles. He says I was seeing you praying for everyone with so much heart. I only prayed for this smile on your face. He asks what did you ask? She says you don’t tell the wish. Karhtik says I know you were praying for everyone. He asks what did you want for yourself? I can ask for that. Lakshmi says in heart I want what you don’t.

Scene 2
Mangal prays at the house and says thank God Papa is okay. Kusum asks did you speak to Adit? She says no. Kusum asks did you call Somiya? Mangal says she didn’t know either. Kusum says to call his office. Mangal says he will get angry. Mangal called at his offices. She says Adit is not in office.

Gaytri asks Pandit Ji about how her son’s married life would be. He says your daughter and DIL will be very good with each other. Your DIL will take care of you and your son will protect her and take care of her. Don’t worry about anything. Lakshmi tries the thread. Karthik holds her. Gayatri looks at them.

the receptionist tells Kusum Adit isn’t home. Kusum says he was in the office all night. The receptionistsaids no one was in the office yesterday. He took off yesterday as well. Mangal says I am very scared. Adit comes home. Mangal asks Adit are you okay? We were so worried. He says I work. I was in the office. I am not idle like you all day. Papa says could you do a call? Do you know what happened here? He says I was in. Kusum says office, right? What are you doing here? He says I forgot my phone here. Kusum asks where did you spend last night? Who were you with? I want to know everything. Karthik says I told you. Kusum says why were you so busy you couldn’t pick one call? Does he say I was at work? Kusum says what work was more important than your family? Adit says Mangal made me a villain in front of you again. She loves being the hero. Kusum says she is the hero. She saved d because your office people said you weren’t there. Why are you so scared? Why did you lie? Where were you all night? He says I was at a friend’s place. Kusum asks hich friend? He says he lost his job. He tried to kill himself so I had to stay with him. Kusum asks his name. He says Sanjay Varma. Kusum says let me speak to him.

Episode ends

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