Molkki – Rishton Ki Agnipariksha 10th March 2023 Written Update

Molkki – Rishton Ki Agnipariksha 10th March 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Molkki – Rishton Ki Agnipariksha 10th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Bhoomi folds everyone’s clothes. She forgets her phone in a room. Pallavi says to Vikas how can you say such things about Bhoomi. The phone rings. She says this is Bhoomi’s phone. She picks it up. A man says how long will make me cry, baby? When will you meet me? Pallavi says who? She says who was that disgusting man. Vikas says see, she has an affair. Pallavi says this must be the wrong number. Vikas says we can’t defend her. We’ve to tell Suraj. Pallavi tries to stop him. Suraj gives dadi medicine. She says I miss Nirma. Vikas says Suraj a man called on this phone and said such disgusting things. Bhoomi has an affair. That parcel and this phone. We can’t keep such a girl here. Pallavi says we should ask Bhoomi. Dadi says Vikas is right. She’s very clever. Suraj says let Bhoomi come. The maid tells them Bhoomi isn’t home. Dadi says she must have gone out. A servant says I saw Bhoomi in the market. She went inside a hotel lover lodge. Suraj says are you sure it was Bhoomi? Vikas says that girl is characterless. Suraj says I am going there. Suraj goes, and Pallavi also goes with him.

Suraj comes outside the lodge. Pallavi says this is such a disgusting place. The receptionist tells them this girl went to room number 9. Suraj goes inside the room. Bhoomi is inside with a ugy. There are drinks and drugs there. The man runs. Bhoomi is scared. Pallavi asks what is going on here? Vikas says what are you doing in this room. We have caught you red-handed. EPopel talks outside. Suraj asks them to leave. Suraj drags Bhoomi home. Suraj shoves Bhoomi on the sofa. Dadi says did she go there? Vikas says I am ashamed to tell you the condition she was caught in and that man ran away. Pallavi says let her talk. Rimjhim comes there too. Vikas says she’s crossed all the limits. Dadi says see this is the girl you brought to this house. She was with a man in that room. Pallavi says Bhoomi isn’t like that. Surja says Bhoomi tells the truth. Why did you go there? I don’t care what people say. Bhoomi cries. Suraj says why are you silent? Tell me if it’s correct. Bhoomi says yes it’s true. What dadi and jeja ji are saying is true. Suraj is shocked. Vikas says I knew this girl was characterless. Dadi says our name has gone to dirt. Give me poison. I will break her bones. Bring my cane. Suraj says no. I will punish her myself. He drags her outside and shoves her out of the house. Surah says get out of the house. He says guard make sure she never comes back again. Pallavi says where will she go? Vikas says she deserves this. Pallavi says she’s our respect. Let’s talk inside the house. Vikas says she should be taught a lesson. Pallavi picks Bhoomi. She says let’s talk when Nirma is back. Suraj says she will not come inside the haveli or I will leave.

Scene 2
Bhoomi recalls her wedding with Suraj. Suraj thinks about finding Bhoomi in that room. He breaks the glass. Vikas says don’t worry about that shameless girl. Let’s go for dinner. She has ashamed of the entire village. Divorce her and get rid of her. Dadi says he’s right. She will ruin our name. Vikas says I will talk to my lawyer friend. Dadi asks Rimjhim why are you not eating. She says Bhoomi hasn’t eaten either. She’s hungry. Vikas says don’t think about her. Suraj says this is how our girls are. He asks the servant to give a plate to Bhoomi. Pallavi tells everyone 3 lacs rupees are missing from the locker. There’s been a theft in the house. Dadi says ask dhani. Vikas says he has gone out of give Bhoomi food. Dhani gives the plate to Bhoomi. Everyone comes outside. Pallavi asks Dhani did you see the locker key? 3 lacs are missing from it. Bhoomi says I took the keys.

Episode ends


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