Musakaan 14th August 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 14th August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 14th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Muskaan saying Sir ji wants to lessen our strength, we have to keep the will safe. Gayatri gives it to Ronak and asks them to take care. Ronak says you also take care. Ronak and Muskaan leave. They meet Sir ji’s board of director. They invite him in the charity event. Ronak asks for washroom and goes to check. He sees the conference hall and says where is Sir ji hiding. Ronak and Muskaan come to other board of directors and invite them, giving a box of sweets. The men dump the sweets. Someone picks the sweets boxes and dumps in the garbage bin on the road. Ronak and Muskaan come home. Gayatri says have patience, we will get Sir ji, he can’t run away always, the school model has come, its in your room.

Muskaan says I have a surprise for you, come and see. He sees the school

model. She says this model is of our house. He smiles and says our house, its good. She says look that, garden, that room will be of mum, tell me which is our room. He says first floor one, which one is this. She says guest room. He says no, it will be room of small member, we will bring him to the world soon. She smiles. Khudse bhi zyada…..plays… He asks why did you get shy, this will happen sometime.
She says I want to capture a selfie. He says fine. They take a selfie and smile. Ronak says we have less time, come. The function starts. The goon also comes and sits. Muskaan says we are demolishing the brothel and making a girls school, it will be a tribute to my mum, we will educate the poor girls, this is the main building model of the school. Suzaine and everyone smile. Muskaan says whoever helps us, their names will be given in different parts of the school. The blasts happen. Ronak gets a call.

The goon says I want to donate some money for the school wings. Ronak goes out. The goon badly eyes Muskaan and goes to give her the cheque. Muskaan thanks him. She asks his name. He says Manik. Gayatri notes down. Ronak comes back and sees the event. The people get hurt in the blast. Inspector tells the reporters that they are investigating who is behind the blasts. DIG gets a call and tells the minister about the serial blasts. Suzaine goes to washroom. Reporter says Ronak and Muskaan had those sweet boxes, they are behind this. The man who dumped the boxes names Ronak. DIG asks Muskaan to do this later and switch on the tv. They get shocked seeing Ronak and Muskaan blamed for blasts. Gayatri asks how can you get involved in this. Muskaan says don’t know.

The minister says I understood it, Ronak wanted to shut Sir ji’s businesses, so he has done this and gave bomb packets to Sir ji’s CEOs, so that his office gets ruined, this was your plan. Gayatri says this can’t happen, there is some misunderstanding. Muskaan says Ronak is innocent. Ronak says Sir ji did this. DIG says you are wrong, its seen in cctv camera. Minister says arrest both of them. Ronak and Muskaan run upstairs to their room. Gayatri cries. Minister says announce that Ronak and Muskaan are terrorists, they shouldn’t get saved. Police follows Ronak. Ronak shuts the door. Suzaine sees them. Muskaan says police thinks we have done the blasts in city. Suzaine asks what are you saying. Ronak asks her to take Muskaan and go, he will come. Muskaan refuses. Suzaine asks Muskaan to come with her.

Ronak asks Muskaan to hurry up. Suzaine and Muskaan get down from the window. Police enters the door and catch Ronak. Muskaan says I have to go to Ronak. Suzaine stops Muskaan and says be quiet, you have to be here, Ronak is already caught, you have to find proof, come with me. Muskaan cries. Suzaine takes her and runs. They see Dipendar and stop. Muskaan says we will catch Sir ji and save Ronak. DIG asks where did Muskaan go. Inspector says maybe she has run away. Minister says she will come on her own. Gayatri says where are you going. Ronak says I didn’t do anything. He is arrested.

Sir ji ties bomb to Muskaan and scolds her. Police gets Ronak there. Ronak gets shocked.

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