Naagin 5 10th January 2021 Written Update

Naagin 5 10th January 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Naagin 5 10th January 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bani and Veer running while the lava bursts and the land gets blasted around them.

4 days before: Jai becomes snake and bites Panditayan. Panditayan dies. Jai says I didn’t agree to lose. He says you knew that there is a mrityu lok, then also she came. The guy asks Bani to go to Satyug, when she didn’t get even this human avatar. Bani recalls fighting with eagles. She says I was Nageshwari whom they attacked. She asks who was you there? He shows the screen in which he saved her. She asks who are you? He becomes bright. She says you was light and asks why did you save me? He asks her to come. He says I will tell you and takes her to the party hall. The guy dances on the Aasmaan ko chodke….Everyone looks at him. They ask who is he? Bani asks if he is an angel? The guy says he is an angel. Bani says you told everyone, present here. The guy says yes, I wanted to tell them. Bani asks what will you do? He says I will do magic and says it seems you didn’t hear me fully. He asks her to come with him and tells that he is a game changer. He makes everyone forget whatever he told 5 mins back. Everyone forgets whatever he said, except Bani. Ponky asks DJ to play music. Veer says where is Bani and looks for her. The guy asks Bani if she liked her karishma. She says you got rebirth so that you can kill these eagles, but you have given your heart to Eagle and married him. Bani says I know and tells that she has punished the guilty eagles and killed them and tells that others are not bad, and tells that she will punish the ones, who are guilty. The guy provokes her to kill them. Bani says the fourth eagle, who was guilty will not be saved too. The guy says you don’t know what is happening behind you and vanishes as a light.

Bani comes to the temple and calls Sapera baba. She tells that she wants to talk to Panditayan. He says she is missing since few hours and goes to search her. Bani asks him to help. Sapera baba says he can’t tell her and goes. Bani questions God. A pandit comes there and asks her to question herself and asks her to let her innerself speak to her. She asks her to ask her innerself if her love was wrong. Bani thinks of Veer and says I am not wrong. Pandit says if this is your answer then this is God’s answer too. He blesses her. Bani thanks him and goes. The Pandit becomes Shiv ji and vanishes.

Bani comes to her room and sees Veer there. Veer asks where was you Bani? He says you have left the party and went, and says he was calling her since a long time. Bani says she was lost. He says I would have come to pick you. Bani says I got the way which takes me to you. She asks can you hug me once? Veer hugs her. He says my wife hugged me for the first time and says what is the matter? Bani don’t want to break their hug. Veer says you don’t even leave me and thinks the moment freezes at this point. He says I love you so much intensely. Song plays….Saathiya….Bani says I don’t want to take any revenge from you. He asks her not to tease him and asks her to tell. Bani says if I tell you everything then I don’t know how to handle you. Veer says may be you are saying right, I may get mad with happiness. He asks her not to go and also don’t make any excuses. Bani asks him to remind her tomorrow. Veer says lets go down. Bani looks outside at the moon.

Ponky asks Bani if she is on his side, calls her bhabhi. Bani asks him not to call her Bhabhi and tells that she knows that he is guilty of Noor and will be punished. She says Veer will bear the punishment too. Daksh asks on whose side, she is? Bani says she is on truth side forever. Ponky gets tensed.

Bani is sleeping and wakes up hearing the wind sound. Light enters the window. The guy/light attack on Bani’s bed and tears the pillows. Bani says Viranshu is not here. The guy/Angel looks for others. Bani says there is nobody at home. He says you have acted smart with me. Bani says she has protected them so that….He asks if she will beat him later with hunter. He says you want to keep them safe, and says until they will be protected, you will be punished and I will make your dream world more worse than the hell. In the morning, Mahek and Dahek thanks Bani after coming home. They tell that they have enjoyed so much. Bani asks where is Veer? Veer comes there and says someone called my name. Bani recalls and reminds Veer that he has to remind her something. Veer asks who is Bani? Everyone gets shocked. The guy/Angel tells that he made Veer forget Bani. Veer asks Bani to make hot coffee for him and calls her Maid. Tapish says Bani is not maid. Veer takes her to kitchen and asks her to make coffee. Bani is shocked and says you was about to remind me today. The guy/Angel comes there and tells that he has made Veer forget her and tells that he will dislike her and will kick her out of the house. He says your life is going to be more worse than the hell. He says that Cheel will be gone from this world. Bani is shocked. The Angel says you are ruined fully and tells that there is a big and dangerous conspiracy behind your back.

Jai comes to the kitchen and says I am that big and dangerous conspiracy who had tried to separate Bani and Veer. He says now he will achieve his aim using this angel. He says this angel couldn’t understand my real intentions.

Balwant is informed by others that Veer has forgotten Bani. Daksh says it is good that he has forgotten her. Ponky says she has threatened us yesterday. Chacha says until when we didn’t get her powers, but we have to be in her good books. Tapish says he is not with them. Bani comes to Veer and calls her. Veer asks why she is calling him Veer rather than Viranshu and calls her maid. Bani says she is his wife, Bani Viranshu Singhania. Veer is shocked. He then says that he remembers everyone. He asks if his bad brothers asked her to do this prank. He goes downstairs and scolds his brothers, for their prank. Bani says Please..Viranshu. Veer says she can’t take my name casually. Tapish says she is your wife, you can’t talk to her like this. Veer asks are you fine.

He asks Tapish not to flirt with her and asks why will he marry her. Bani says you have married me. Veer says I was enjoying your joke, but now I am getting irritated. He asks her to go and do the work being the maid. Bani says I will not go, until you believe me. Daksh and Ponky tell that she is a stalker. Tapish scolds them. Bani says they are lying and asks him to listen. She touches him. Veer gets more angry and asks her not to touch him.

Veer feels headache in his head and asks his brothers to take him to room. Bani recalls Angel telling that Veer will not bear her presence and will go far from her. Daksh and Ponky are happy to see Bani’s plight. Jai comes there and hold their neck. He then tells them that he didn’t come to scare them and says Veer has forgotten her. He asks them to help him. Daksh says never. Jai asks them to help her break Veer and Bani’s Jodi so that he can take Bani away from here, and can use her powers and can share her powers with them. Daksh agrees and asks Jai not to act smart with him. Jai promises him.

Meera and Tapish come to the kitchen. Meera hugs Bani and says how can Veer forget you. Tapish says I don’t understand. Bani says this is the mistake of the magic and tells that she is being punished for changing the history.

Precap: Bani tells Meera and Tapish that she got rebirth to punish Eagles, but. Angel provokes Bani against Veer, saying he knows about Balwant’s illegal business. Later they wait to parcel to come.

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