Naagin Season 3 26th May 2019 Written Update

Naagin Season 3 26th May 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Naagin Season 3 26th May 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shivangi telling Shravani/Bela that where to find her father and husband and says she doesn’t know where are they, she was living thinking they had tried to kill her. She says if she will meet them ever and says she is losing hope. Rithik is brought there by Mahir and Rocky. Rithik says we shall not leave hope. Bela asks Mahir where he found them. Mahir says they were locked in the cellar here. Shivangi hugs Rithik and apologizes and says I thought you both tried to kill me and cursed you. She apologizes. Rithik says anyone would have thought the same and says you didn’t come to kill us, and says God made us alive so that we can tell you the truth, he says we didn’t kill you. He says my aim is fulfilled now and tells that he can go peacefully now. Shivangi asks what is

he saying? Rithik says he lost his daughter and his wife. Shravani says we can bring your love also. Shivanya comes there wearing red saree. Mahir looks surprised. Tera Pyaar Jeevan Ka…..plays…..
Rithik goes to her and rests on her lap. Shivanya says we will go together and says she will never leave him. She makes him young. Everyone smiles. Rithik gets up and smiles seeing her. The song plays…..tera pyaar jeevan ka….plays…Rithik and Shivanya wave bye and leave.

Rohini and Alek are going from there, Vish comes in front of them and bites them. Shravani tells Mahir that some much happened in one night. Rocky asks did you hate me? Shivangi says I never hate you and thought that you might be helpless to try to kill me. Rocky says I can never do this and asks her to take him to wherever she wants. Shivangi says she will fulfill her last duty and says she has become cursed free. She says before leaving the naaglok, I am handing over the crown and naagrani position to Shravani, and says she will be the last naagrani. She says you will be answerable for the naagmani, and asks her to remember that she has to protect it thinking it as her dharma, and declares her as naagrani and rakshita of naagmani. Bela/Shravani promises that she will protect the naagmani. Shivangi asks her to remember that this fight can be won by her only. Shivangi and Rocky leave. Vish tells Bela that everything is fine now, and circle is complete. She asks Mahir to hug Bela and says we will not bite you. Mahir hugs Bela. Bela says Vikrant is missing here. Vish says wherever he is, he is at a peaceful place. Bela asks him to go home and tell everyone that everything is fine. She says she has some work. They start walking. Shesha comes out from the ground and tells that nothing is finished. They come to the temple. Vish asks what happened, and says you have to keep Naagmani here. Bela says this is not yet over, and tells that Sumitra and Shesha are Naagins, but Tamsee is not Naagin. She says if they wanted naagmani then they could take when they attacked Shivangi and says why they didn’t take it then. Vish says maybe it was cursed and became stone. Bela says maybe, but in my last birth, when Tamsee got the naagmani, she killed Mahir and me. She says this matter is not about naagmani or me and says we have to fight until we get the answers.

Sumitra and Tamsee are walking in the jungle. Sumitra says they might be thinking we are dead. Tamsee says we lost naagmani. Two-headed snake comes in front of them. Bela prays to Bholenath and tells that she needs answers for her questions. A reflection comes out from the Shivji’s forehead. Shesha is that snake and becomes human. She says what do you think that I died. She says let’s go and get naagmani. They leave.

A sadhu Markande Baba appears in front of Bela and Vish. Bela tells Vish about him and tells Baba that she is very worried. Markande tells that the answer is difficult to answer in two words. He tells that the story is big, and says this war not only between the shesh naag and nidok naag. He tells about the Samudra ghatna and says many things came out from it, and for what everyone was waiting is Amrit, which Dev and Danav want to get it. He says Devs got it, and says important role is of Vasuki Naag and asks do you know who is he? Bela says the first naagraj. Vish says our kuldevta. Markande Baba tells that Danav pulled his body while Devs’ pulled his tail. They distributed the things which came out of samudra. He says Vasuki naagraj left from there without taking anything, but someone from his vansh wanted amrit. They think they are betrayed. Vasuki Maharaj sister Mansha helped him who was naagrani, and says kusurp didn’t keep quiet and they were the ones who tried to kill Shivangi. Vish says why they wanted to kill Bela after getting Naagmani. Markande Baba tells that they wanted to kill Naagrani as they want to end naaglok. Bela says that’s why Sukurp shook hands with Sumitra. Vish says with evil Tamsee. Bela says Shesha is the sukurp. Markande baba tells that Naagmani is safe for 50 Poornimas and after that suraksha chakra will move, you have to find the enemies of naagmani and kill them.

They come home. Bela thanks Mahir for agreeing to marry her tonight itself. Mahir asks if that happened that I didn’t fulfill your wish and asks why Rishi asked them to marry today. Bela says just because icchadhari naagin will not lose her powers even after marrying a human. She says he said that last birth cursed didn’t end today, and tells that today is the poornima night. Mahir asks about the curse. Bela says when we got married in last birth, I was cursed as I married a human and we got united and says that curse is still with me. But today this will not happen, this is the night of forgiveness. Mahir says you wanted to apologize to me. Bela smiles. Samarjeet and Kanika come there. Kanika asks if he is fine. Mahir says I am absolutely fine and asks them to trust him and says Shravani and I are made for each other. Bela says I will not lie, I am a naagin. Vish says Icchadhari Naagin. Samarjeet says we will unite the love birds forever. Mahir and Bela sit for the marriage, keeping Naagmani in front of them. Pandit ji asks them to stand up for rounds. Tamsee, Sumitra and Shesha come there. Tamsee says rounds are happening here without inviting us. Bela says stop, don’t think. Amber Bua says I had said that something is wrong with DM. Sumitra says only you have identified me rightly, others were blindly believing me. Bela asks them to talk to her and not to talk to her family members.

Tamsee says you know what is the reason for our arrival here. Vish says you are habitual to come uninvited. Bela says you will go empty-handed. Sumitra says we will take this naagmani today and asks her to give. Bela asks Vish and Mahir to take care of family members and says I will fulfill their last wish and come. Bela brings them to the temple and is holding the naagmani in her hand. Shesha says you are really mad to bring us here. Sumitra says you called your death. Tamsee says this is called overconfidence. Shesha says whoever has the naagmani today, will be the owner of the naagmani for 50 poornimas. Sumitra says if we kill her today then the problem of 50 poornimas will end. Bela says today you all will be killed. She says Shesha…your sukurp meets our enemies, but they will not be successful and says Naagmani will be saved for Anant Kaal with your end. She attacks Sumitra and hold her with her tail. Tamsee attacks her with her evil powers, but nothing happens to Bela. Shesha circles her tail around Bela. Sumitra says you are nothing in front of us Bela. Bela becomes snake. Sumitra and Shesha become snake too. Tamsee asks them to kill Bela. They bite Bela. Bela falls down. She becomes half naagin with 5 snakeheads.

Bela attacks Sumitra with the Trishul and kills her. Sumitra falls down. Bela attacks Shesha’s neck with the Trishul and kills her. Tamsee is shocked before she could do anything, Bela attacks her neck and kills her with the Trishul. Tamsee falls down dead. Bela becomes human again. She recalls Markande baba asking her to end all the evils and giving her Trishul to kill them. He says this is given to Naag vansh’s rakshak and asks her to hold it to kill them. Bela takes it. Fb ends. Vish comes there and says Naagmani is safe now. Bela says someone will always be here to protect Naagmani. She keeps the naagmani in front of Mahadev and folds her hand. Vish also folds her hand. Bela tells Vish that our Naagmani is safe for 50 Poornimas as it is protected by the Suraksha chakra around it. She says nobody can touch it. Vish says your one responsibility is over and asks her to get married.

Bela and Vish come to Mahir’s house. Mahir hugs Bela. Bela says I told you that I will return safely and will fulfill my promise this time. Amber Bua asks where are they, trio? Bela says they were killed. Vish asks them to come near the mandap. Mahir and Bela take the rounds again. Tere Sang Pyaar me….plays….Their first marriage vows are shown. Everyone is happy. Pandit ji asks Mahir to apply sindoor to her. Mahir applies sindoor in her forehead. He says you are looking happy today. Bela says because I have understood that you are the one for me. Mahir makes her wear mangalsutra. He says I made you mine. Bela says I was yours always. They take elders’ blessings. Mohit asks Vish if she is not Raima. Vish says she is Vishaka. Bela and Mahir come to Vish. Vish gives them best wishes for their new beginning. Bela thanks her and says this wouldn’t have been possible without your help. Vish asks her to thank bhole naath. Bela says you might be my own sister in some birth. Vish says I am your sister in this birth too.

Mahir comes to his room. Bela is sitting on the bed. In Lamhon Ke plays…..He closes the door. He comes to her and hugs her. He says shall I ask you something and asks if she will tell truth? Bela says do you have any doubt? Mahir asks what is precious to you, Naagmani or me. Bela asks how dare you, how can you doubt. She says what is most precious is Naagmani as it has value. Mahir is shocked. Bela says it has value, but you are priceless. Mahir smiles and kisses her forehead. Their past birth moment is shown. The song plays again. Their past birth reunion moments are shown. Mahir and Bela look at each other. He gets closer to her.

Two ladies are shown coming to the temple. Their feet with anklets are shown. They keep hand over the trishul and naagmani. The lady is shown, she is Vish..who says that she waited for it very much. Other lady says it is saved for 50 poornimas. Vish says after that even Shravani can’t protect it as she thinks she has killed all the enemies, and she didn’t know about us. She laughs. The other lady is shown and she is also Vish. Vish is the two-headed snake and talks to her other half and tells that they knew now where to search Naagmani after 50 Poornimas. She laughs.

The show ended.

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