Nach Baliye 6 30th November 2013 Written Update

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Nach Baliye 6 30th November 2013 Written Update by H Hasan

Nach Baliye 6 30th November 2013 Written Episode

Today’s episode of Nach Baliye will be very exciting as three Star jodis will be joining the contestants as celebrity guest. Karan welcomes Sandhya and Suraj, Poonam and Akash, Rashi and Jigar. Akash says they came to join the romance and dance. Rashi says they will dance and then go home. Gautam asks Sandhya, how she feels to come on Nach Baliye. Sandhya says she feels good. Suraj wishes the Nach Baliye contestants. Gautam says episode will be even more exciting today.

1. Ripudaman Handa and Shivangi.

They dance fantastically on the song Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahan, Jaane Ho Kal Kahan…. from the film KISNA.

Shilpa asks, why they chose the difficult act. Ripu says he wanted to try but was nervous for her. Shilpa says Shivangi has full confidence on you. She praises their performance and tells Ripu that you are a dancer not a chef.

Terence says, lifts were wonderful. Song selection and dance was wonderful. He says you are refining with each performance.

Sajid says, you are DBI in full force. Ripu says he is living in the present and says he will win. Sajid says it is not a perfect act but praises their performance.

Scores: Terence gives 9, Sajid gives 9 and Shilpa gives 9. Total 27.

Sandhya says she liked Ripu’s performance and is learning cooking from him. Karan asks Sandhya and Shivangi to try their hand on cooking. Ripu teaches Samosa making to Shivangi and Sandhya. Sandhya makes a better samosa than Shivangi. Shilpa also try and make Samosa. Karan eats the uncooked Samosa.

Karan says you are safe and on number 3 position this week. Ripu and Shivangi requests the viewers to vote for them.

2. Gurmeet and his wife Debina.

They steam up the dance floor with their performance on Adnan Sami’s song Yeh Zameen RukhJaye Aasman Jukh Jaya Tera Chehra Jab Nazar Aaye….They get standing ovation from the judges.

Sajid says, they are horses and will win. Sajid says he feels every week they are in finale and they are representative of Nach Baliye. He wishes them best of luck.

Shilpa says, Sajid wants to say that he wants to see the competitive spirit. She says they are here to compete. This act is beyond super.

Terence says, you never got 11 marks but when you get 11 marks then you will create history in dance. He says neck lift is complicated and dangerous one but you did it right. He says superb.

Scores: Sajid gives 11, Terence gives 11, and Shilpa gives 11. Total 33.

Sandhya says she gets to see the best dance and requests Gurmeet to give her some tips on black belt. Gurmeet breaks the tile to teach Sandhya, and then Sandhya breaks it. Gurmeet says she has done better. Suraj says he is proud of Sandhya.

Gautam says you are safe this week. Gurmeet and Debina appeals to the audience to vote for them.

Terence says he wants to see strength of other men and invites Raqesh, Akash, Rithvik and Gautam. He asks Gautam to remove the shirt and show off the strength. He asks them to do push ups. Sajid asks Ankur and Kiku to judge the competition. Gautam is the winner in the push up competition.

3. Vinod Thakur and his wife Raksha Thakur.

They inflame the dance floor on the song Aafaton Ke Parinde, Ishaqzaade…Dil Udaa Denge Phurr.. Se, Ishaqzaade… from the film ISHAQZAADE. They get standing ovation for their amazing performance.

Shilpa says, she is amazed to see their performance. And does hand leg pranam. She asks, from where he gets the energy. She says she can’t keep the eye off them. She can’t describe the act but says it is superb and fantastic. It is her honour to see them perform.

Terence says, it was outstanding. You have good attitude which was needed in dance. He likes Vinod jumping from the fire on Raksha. It was beautiful moment. End was superb.

Sajid says, to other contestants that don’t take Vinod and Raksha easily and they can be the winner of Nach Baliye season 6. He asks them to keep the spirit going.

Scores: Sajid gives 11, Terence gives 11, and Shilpa gives 11. Total 33.

Jigar says Vinod is amazing and tells everyone that he is his biggest fan and requests for his autograph. Vinod happily comply. Jigar asks Vinod to teach them some steps and Vinod readily agrees. Raksha asks Suraj, why he doesn’t romance Sandhya on screen. Vinod sings for Raksha while Suraj sings the song Kyun Ke Tumhi Ho..Aashiqui for Sandhya….and even proposes her.

Gautam says you are safe and on number 1 position this week. Vinod asks the viewers to support and vote for them.

Suraj and Sandhya of Diya Aur Baati Hum fame performs on the song Tune Toh Pal Bhar Me Chori Kiye Re Jiye…More Piya…from the film DABANGG. Suraj says he gets lovely feelings while they are on the show. He proposes to her again and says I love you. He thanks Sandhya for completing his life. Sandhya thanks him for fulfilling her dream. Shilpa compliments them. Karan asks Sandhya and Kanika to dress up their baliye with the saree. Sandhya is the winner.

4. Bruna Abdullah and Omar Herror.

They aqua dance on the song Tumhi Ho Zindagi Tum Hi Ho… Meri Aashiqui from the film AASHIQUI 2. They dance romantically under water. They get standing ovation from Shilpa and Terence.

Terence says, it is unreal. He can’t even take breath and you have done brilliantly. It was beautiful and graceful dance. It is a historic performance.

Shilpa says, it is amazingly choreograph and superb act.

Sajid says, it is nice but not good. He tells Bruna that she is a good dancer. He says I feel you have power to entertain us as dancers and not swimmers.

Scores: Terence gives 11, Shilpa gives 11, Sajid gives 7. Total 29.

Karan says you are safe this week. Omar and Bruna appeals for the votes. Bruna teaches some dance moves to Raju, Ankur and Kiku.

Rashi – Jigar and Poonam – Akash performs on the song O Radha Teri Chunri from the film Student Of The Year. Rashi tells Terence that they are his big fans and asks him to dance with him. Terence dances with Rashi and Poonam on the song Mera Mann Kehne Laga…from the film Nautanki Saala. Some TV stars wishes the contestants.

Gautam says today you have seen superb performances of the jodis. Karan asks the viewers to vote for their favourite jodi as the voting lines are open from today 9 pm till Monday 9 am. They sign off.

Rest of the jodis performing with their baliyes. Comedian Bharti comes as a guest.

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