Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 8th November 2023 Written Update

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 8th November 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 8th November 2023 Written Episode

Sheikh gets a call from Abeer and he invites him for a meeting in his office. Sheikh says to him, he would love too but he is taking his wife to a romantic dinner and asks Abeer if he wants to join. Abeer says he doesn’t want to disturb them. Sheikh asks if he is married or has a lover. Abeer thinks of Neerja but sees Trisha smiling at him. Abeer says yes. Sheikh invites him to join for dinner. Abeer agrees.
Sheikh says to Neerja, she looks so pretty when she blushes and says if you keep me happy all will be happy and leaves blowing a kiss at her.

Chakri rushes to Neerja and asks is she fine? Neerja hugs Chakri and says she won’t marry the Sheikh.

Neerja dressed in Burkha and Sheikh leave for the dinner. His assistant tries to talk to Sheikh. Sheikh scolds him and he then talks to Sheikh in English thinking Neerja doesn’t understand English. Sheikh tells his assistant that he will take all the money and property and run away and the other party will get nothing.

Abeer and Trisha waiting for Sheikh. Sheikh walks in with Neerja. Neerja is shocked to see Abeer and Trisha. Neerja understands that Sheikh is going to risk Abeer’s business and decides to talk to Abeer. Sheikh forgets Neerja’s name. Trisha says so you hide face and name. Sheikh says I can show her face and asks Neerja to show her face. Neerja doesn’t so Sheikh holds her hand and forces her. Abeer doesn’t like it and diverts Sheikhs attention but Trisha insists again. Sheikh removes Neerja’s veil. Abeer and Trisha shocked to see Neerja.

Abeer remembers Neerja agreeing to the wedding. Sheikh sees Abeer and says looks like you liked her. Trisha says no you are mistaken, Abeer loves just me. Sheikh leaves to attend a call. Trisha teases Neerja and says I didn’t know you will move on so quickly over your ex, good for you. Abeer says Sheikh must have paid her and there is no value of love over money. Abeer thinks when will Neerja have enough. Neerja leaves.

Neerja joins them in her regular outfit. Trisha asks Neerja and Sheikh about their relation. Sheikh says I wanted to marry a Bengali beauty I video called her and agreed here and now here for delivery. Trisha says sounds like online shopping. Sheikh laughs and touches Neerja saying I wanted to see if she really was that beautiful. Abeer drops water on Sheikh purposely. Sheikh leaves to clean up

Trisha says to Neerja, your wedding sounds like a deal like you were on a sale tag and he bought you and if I knew you value money more than love, I would have never invited you or befriended you because for me love is most important and will burn down the whole world for my love.

Sheikh returns, and Neerja and Abeer come up with excuses. Abeer says he needs to make a call. Sheikh notices Trisha.

Abeer asks Neerja why she’s so focused on money. He’s worried that she’s ready to marry Sheikh just for his wealth and is willing to compromise her values for it.

Abeer points out that Neerja has already received money from him and his father, and yet she seems ready to do anything for more money. He questions her intentions, wondering if she’s pretending to be in love with Sheikh just to get more money. He insists that he’s not easily fooled, unlike someone named Abeer. Neerja tells him to stop and accuses him of constantly pursuing her, advising him to stay out of her affairs. She suggests that he’s wasting his own life and challenges him to accept her for who she is. She also questions why he, as a wealthy person, is involved in business with someone like Sheikh, who also needs money, and why he associates with such a person.

Trisha asks what’s happening, and Neerja implies that she’s trying to help Abeer see the truth. Trisha reassures Abeer that he’s not like Sheikh and doesn’t need Neerja’s help. She offers her support and tells Neerja that Abeer is different. Neerja indirectly hints that Abeer has misunderstood everything and will regret it someday. Neerja tells Trisha that she and Abeer make a good couple and hopes that no third person interferes in their lives.

Trisha advises Abeer to be cautious, as she believes Neerja is not trustworthy. Later, Sheikh feeds Neerja while Trisha tries to influence Abeer against Neerja. Sheikh notices Neerja looking at Abeer and encourages her to eat spicy food. Abeer gives her ice water, and Sheikh urges him to sign the deal quickly. Abeer thinks about Neerja’s words and says No.

Precap: Trisha, Abeer and Neerja walking. Trisha pushes Neerja.
Sheikh says to Khalid, I hope no one finds the truth because I don’t want to go empty handed from here.
Sheikh convinces Abeer to sign the deal. Neerja thinks she has to warn Abeer.
Trisha asks Moushmi about Neerja. Moushmi tells her, neerja was Abeer’s nurse and asks her to take necessary actions. Trisha says I will eliminate everything that worried Abeer.

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