Nimki Mukhiya 10th August 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 10th August 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 10th August 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ritu says to Babbu that you have to say sorry to Mukhiya, Babbu says what? Ritu says think big, say sorry and accept her then they will say you are a big person and brought in your life again. Babbu says parents wont accept Nimki back. Ritu says then go against them, people will think that you are standing up for her, villagers and Nimki will vote for you then. Babbu says you are with me? Ritu says I will be with Tettar but I will work for you under cover. Flashback ends. Nimki asks Babbu if he remembers everything now? Tettar says Ritu and Babbu planned all this? Nimki says yes, Babbu tell them what your plan was, you were not using me, I was letting you use myself, you were playing a game but I was not part of it. Tettar says how Ritu came to you? Nimki says Jhariya was working for

me and sent me that video of Babbu and Ritu. Tettar says he is a cheater. Babbu says I was doing all this to win elections, you would get respect that you want. Ritu says forget everything, I respect you a lot but you should give your power to Babbu. Tettar says you both tried to fool me and now you will pay for it. Ritu says we planned everything to end your tenure, nobody is with you, whole family is with Babbu so accept your defeat. Babbu says your son will win so dont worry. Ritu says to Tettar that if you want then kill that Nimki. Tettar gets angry and shoots on Ritu’s arm. Babbu starts fighting with Tettar. Mai tries to stop them. Nimki looks on. They are trying to over-power each other but bullet is fired.. Babbu is stunned and falls back. Tettar has shot Babbu. Babbu falls down. Nimki says this happens for evil, Babbu is evil like his father and a jerk, even if you had changed, I would never forgive you, no rapist should be forgiven ever. Mai rushes to Babbu and says nothing will happen to you. Nimki calls police and says someone has been shot here, I saw Tettar killing Babbu. Tettar is stunned. He says I wont spare you. Nimki says you think you can keep running this movie? Tettar tries to shoot but there is no bullet left in gun. Nimki asks Diamond and Ritu to testify against Tettar otherwise they will go to jail as well. She puts on her glasses and leaves from there. Mai cries for Babbu. Babbu dies. Police comes on spot. Nimki gives her statement against Tettar. Mai tells inspector that Tettar shot my son, Ritu tell truth. Ritu says he shot me also, he shot Babbu. Inspector arrests Tettar but Tettar runs and hits Ritu with a stone on head. Inspector takes Tettar away. Mai cries for Babbu. Nimki recalls her life before Ram, then becoming Mukhiya, marrying Babbu and everything that happened in her life. She recalls her rape. she smirks seeing Babbu lying on ground.

PRECAP- Nimki becomes government officer and says I always liked red lipstick and big offices. She enters her government office.

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