Nimki Mukhiya 27th July 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 27th July 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 27th July 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Babbu tells Nimki that he didnt feel bad about Mauha’s words, lets go for a movie. Nimki smiles and says I want ice-cream as well. They leave.

Dumri tells Mauha that I shouldnt have forgiven Babbu but Nimki has forgiven him, she went through that pain but forgave him after thinking. Mauha says she can forgive him but why bring him here? Tunee says you want to put her down. Mauha says you go to your friend, we could raise her baby, why she had to go back to him? Mono comes there and asks if Nimki came? Mauha says only Babbu’s wife came. Tunee asks Mauha to understand that Nimki needs them. Tunee and Dumri talks to her, Mono gets frustrated and leaves.

Tetter tells Ritu that we need a new plan. Ritu says I have a plan. Sweety comes there so he stops talking. Tettar

asks if she is listening to them? Sweety says you cant compete with Nimki, I was just being a daughter and bringing you food, she leaves. Diamond tells that Dublo went for agency work. Tettar tells Diamond that this is his chance, he can become king of this village. Mai asks him to stay away from Nimki. Mono comes there asking for Nimki. Mai asks him to get lost. Sweety rushes to him. Mono says I want to meet Nimki, Sweety says she is not here. Mono says dont lie, please. Sweety says she is out with Babbu, she asks Diamond to take him back. Mai sys he is not his servant. Ritu asks Tettar to handle situation. Tettar says your sister doesnt worry about you anymore, you can leave. Mai says he is cheap, ask him to leave. Ritu tells him to wait outside. Mai says get lost and pushes him. Nimki and Babbu comes there. Nimki slaps Mai. Tettar is about to attack her but Nimki holds vase and says dont you dare move forward, how dare you touch Mono? She tells Mai to not do it again, she leaves with Mono. Mai asks Babbu why he was silent? Babbu says you attacked her family first. Tettar says he is useless. Babbu says I understand right and wrong now, you people should start giving respect to Nimki and her fmaily.
Scene 2
Mono cries. Nimki hugs him and asks why he came here? Mono says I wanted to meet you. Nimki says I will come to meet you, you dont have to come here. Babbu comes there and says I will take him back. Nimki says bye, Mono leaves with Babbu.

Tunee tells Mauha that Mono is missing. Mono comes home. Muaha scolds him and asks where were you? Mono says I was missing Nimki. Mauha is about to slap him but Babbu comes there and says he went to meet his sister, she still loves her. Mauha says dont tell us what love is, you are useless. Tunee says let it be. Babbu leaves. Mauha tells Mono that you dont care for us, you just care for Nimki? She cries. Mono says Nimki didnt call me, she loves us, she slapped Mai for me. All are shocked. Mono tells everything. Dumri says what? Mono says yes and Babbu took her side. Tunee says Nimki changed him, she wanted this, he is taking stand for her, Nimki still love us, she is fighting for us, he asks Mauha to take Nimki’s side in this fight.

PRECAP- Mai tells Tettar that people will praise Babbu. Ritu says what? Rekha says Nimki slapped her but Tettar didnt do anything. Mai says I will burn her alive now.

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