Nimki Mukhiya 27th March 2018 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 27th March 2018 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 27th March 2018 Written Episode

Scene 1
Abhi comes to Ram’s house. Ram comes and says welcome. Chachi comes too. She says I brought kheer. He says thanks. Mauah says don’t tell Nimki or she would come here. chachi says this is for first decision for Nimki. Mauha says Babbu announced it. Ram says but it was Nimki’s decision. Abhi says but Nimki is Mukhiya. Mauha says yes people chose her not Babbu. Abhi says people will fail if she doesn’t. chachi says let her marriage life be settled. Mauha says Babbu’s family wont let Nimki take power. Abhi says everything will get better. He leaaves,

Maid says to Nimki why are you decorating this room? She says because bahu’s room is son’s room. If I decorate this room he will come here. Come and help me. sHe says if amma gets to know she

will be mad. Nimki says I wont take your name. She says don’t be scared. I am not scared of anyone see me.
Abhi calls Nimki. She says did you hear the new decision? Babbu gave the new bike to him. Abhi says you should have taken the decision. He says I wanted to invite you and babbu on lunch. She says I will see if I can or not. he says okay. SHe says just kidding we will come for sure. He says will wait for you.
Scene 2
Everyone is on breakfast table. Sweeti says bhabhi call dablo. she says he wont have breakfast. Tettar says to babbu you have to prepare for election. You have to take powers of mukhiya. Nimkii comes and says good morning. Amma says why are you here. Sweeti says go. Nimki says babbu eat less. Rekha says now will tell him how much will he eat. She says just wanna take him out on lunch. Tettar says eat home. she says Abhi has invited us over lunch for the decision. Dadi says wow babbu is a big man now. Tettar says that’s a good thing. Babbu leaves in anger. Ritu says this is good. Babbu’s PR should be made.

Mausi decided menu. Elena says don’t make devi. Make pasta. Mausa says no we will have desi. They both argue. Mausi says to abhi what is all this? He says had to invite. We should make babbu a better man. Mausi says he can’t be a better man.
Rekha says this is her plan. Dadi says its a good thing. People will talk about it. Sweeti says babu ji will send him for sure. Nimki says which dress should I wear sweeti didi. You dressing snese is very nice. You look like a princess. amma says she is a princess not from ghat tola like you. Dadi says cna’t you choose yourself. You are a mukhiya. She says dadi you are right. I should choose myself.
SHe says I keep giving flying kisses to babbu. Amma is angry.

Precap-Nimki and babbu go for lunch.

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