Nimki Mukhiya 31st July 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 31st July 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 31st July 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Tettar says today, a son is against his father. I never contested in elections till my father was alive. Ritu says what a sixer. Tettar says it’s okay if Babu isn’t with me, you all are and my family is with me. They don’t need power. They need my blessings. You are all my people. Look at Annaro, she cries for her son every day. And Babbu doesn’t care. Nimki first accused her husband of rape and now she is with him asking you for votes. You want him to be your MLA? People chant no. Tune says Muaha open your eyes. Look what he is doing. Tettar says Nimki is using Babbu for power. Ask her sister. She left her sister for power. Tettar says come on stage. Mauha says I am fine here. Ritu says come to Mauha. Tettar says come daughter. Tettar says look at this innocent

girl. She lost her father rand sister because of Babbu. Come mauha speak. Mauha says I don’t wanna speak. Tune says she won’t’ talk. Ritu says she cries when she talks. Hence, she won’t’ speak. Babu did this to them. He separated two sisters. You know what a rapist would do your society.
Chairman whispers to Tettar the game is on your side. Ritu says to Sweeti see how the game changed. Your brother would lose. what would you do now? Once he wins, I will take you to bhandarkar and rape you. Sweeti is angry. Sweeti recalls Ritu abusing her. She recalls Tettar saying she has to put up with Ritu.
Tettar says you people are with me. I won’t ever forget that. Sweeti comes and snatches the mic from him. Everyone is shocked. Sweeti says, sisters and brothers. Everything they said was a lie and I would tell you the truth. Ritu says sweeti please listen.. she shoves him. Sweeti says this Tettar lied. I am Tettar’s daughter and Ritu’s wife. And now I would tell you what is right. My brother did wrong. He raped nimki in anger. But he repents what he did. He asked for a pardon in front of everyone. But this man Ritu, he has been raping me every day in my father’s house for 7 years. And my father stayed silent because he only wants his power. Annaro says what are you doing. Sweeti says who are they to point fingers, they are characterless. A father who couldn’t save his daughter, how would he save you? Ritu says stop or we would kill Nimki’s brother. sweeti shoves him. Sweeti says they deserve to be in jail.

Tettar slaps Sweeti. Ritu grasps her and says are you out of your mind? What are you doing? Sweeti takes a belt and says you would rape me? She starts hitting Ritu. Ritu screams. Sweeti keeps hitting him with a belt. Everyone is in shock.
Ritu is injured. Sweeti keeps hitting him. Babbu and nimki come. Babu stops Sweeti. Nimki says ritu you are being beaten like a dog. You thought you could threaten sweeti to come here? You made a mistake by giving her a stage to speak against you.

Scene 2
Ritu is hurt. Jhariya does his dressing. Rekh says you kept running. We couldn’t stop her. Tettar throws his phone. He says people are calling me to insult me. I will win this election even without support of party. Ritu screams. Annaro says be a man. Why didn’t you hit her back. Sweeti says my own daughter ruined everything. Ananro says calm down. Tettar shoves her. He says your kids are doing all this. She says they are your kids too. Tettar says they’re your upbringing. Tettar says I will win elections on my own. Where are nimki and babbu. Jharya says they are out for the rally. Tettar says I would do something Nimki would remember for life.

Precap-Tettar hits Nimki. She is badly injured. Sweeti is locked in her room. Nimki says you’ve lost Tettar.

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