Nimki Mukhiya 5th August 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 5th August 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 5th August 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rekha sees annaro falling from stairs. ritu says what did you do. Tettar says didn’t have another option. Tettar runs and says to Annaro you know what to say when police asks.
Sweeti says Babbu go inside. He says I can’t see her in this condition. I should have gone with you two. I shouldn’t have left you alone. Sweeti says Tettar is an animal. I never knew he would stoop this low. Abhi says we have to call police. I won’t leave him this time. sweeti says I would give statement. Sweeti says he would go to jail. Babu says I would decide his punishment. Sweeti says no we would go to the police. Babbu says no I would take Nimki’s revenge. Diamond calls. He says what.. Babbu says amma fell from staris. sweeti says what if Tettar did it. Go home please.

Tettar gets Anaro’s bruises dressed. Tettar says annaro inspector is here. You know what to say. Don’t be scared. Tell them the truth. Dablo says she isn’t in good condition. Tettar says I would tell them you just say yes or no Annaro. Tettar says I was coming from the rally. I heard Nimki screaming at Nimki. Nimki slapped Annaro. Rekha says this was old. Ritu says so we are talking about what happened. Tettar says I got so angry too but Babu attacked Annaro. Dablo says what are you saying. Ritu says you weren’t there. Babbu is your brother but we have to tell inspector everything. Tettar says Babbu shoved Annaaro. She was so injured. Ritu says I am worried for Nimki too. Inspector says is this all correct annaro?

Dablo sees Babbu. He says Babbu stop. Go from here. they have accused you of injuring amma and Nimki. Tettar attacked her. Babbu says let me tell the police. DAblo says they have already forced her into this statement. Please go from here. Nimk needs you. You can’t be arrested.
Mauha says please check doctor. she has fainted. Mauha says please tell me how are you feeling? Doctor says please go from here and call her husband. Ramla says he isn’t here. doctor says to tune we need O positive blood. Go get it from the blood bank. Tune says I would arrange it. Tune goes.

Abhi says mauha please don’t worry. she would be okay. Mauha says I said nimki shouldn’t be there. she wasn’t safe. Abhi says please sit inside. I will get tea. Abhi sees Sweeti. She is crying. Abhis its with her. Abhi says do you need tea? She says no. Abhi smiles. sweeti says you’re smiling? he says nimki taught me to smile in all conditions. Sweeti says she was smiling even when she was injured. Abhi says she is a heroin. Sweeti holds his hand and says would she be okay? I know you’re mad at me. He says why would I be. Sweeti says I told you Nimki did right but look what happened. This won’t have happened. Abh says in heart I should have stopped her. Sweet says she should have stayed away from Babbu. she would at least be healthy. Babu comes. He tells Sweeti everything. Sweeti says how could he stoop so low. Amma agreed to all this? Police comes. Sweeti says please run from here. Inspector asks abhi is babbu here? He says yes, Babu was here. but he left because his mother fell. Inspector says he attacked her. Sweeti says this is a lie. Inspector says we have arrest warrant. His mother gave a statement against him. Abhi says he isn’t here. I will let you know if I see him. Police leaves. Babbu is hidden.

Precap-Sweeti says would nimki be okay? Doctor says we can’t say anything right now. Babbu says and my child? Doctor says it is so difficult to save the child.

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