Nimki Vidhayak 11th September 2019 Written Update

Nimki Vidhayak 11th September 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Vidhayak 11th September 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dadi says stay away from this case. Go to Dehlo. Pintu says what happened? She says stay away from Ganga. Dadi hugs him.
Shankar comes to Ganga. She says you look worried? He says Parag has hit a woman with his car. Ganga says is she okay? He says yes. Ganga says where is Parag? He says his phone is off. The woman is Nimki’s relative. Pintu Singh is witness. Gana says let police do their investigation.

Nimki says to Annaro get well soon so I make you work in my house. Sweeti and Abhi. She says see your daughter and DIL are here. Nimki says come sweeti. Talk to her about old days. Sweeti says in heart I can’t call you amma. Sweeti says how are you? Sweeti says Diamond is studying now. Nimki says look at her Sweeti. Nimki says you are going to be grandmom.

Sweeti is pregnant. Sweeti gets up. Abhi says stay with her. Annaro says don’t go. Babu.. he is alive. He came. I am not lying.
Maid throws water on Parag’s face. He says how dare you. Ganga says I asked her. Who have you hit? He says I didn’t hit. She says I know you hit a woman. Parag says don’t worry she didn’t die. Shankar says inspector came. Nimki is after them. Ganga says it is complicated. She is an MLA’s relative. Parag says then talk to her.

Nimki says to sweeti please don’t go. Sweeti says I miss Babu too. it hurts me when she says Babu is alive. Abhi says she must be imagining. A man is evesdropping. Nimki says why are you listening? He says I saw the guy who hit her. Police wants to bury this case. He is Ganga’s son. Nimki says I am friends with Ganga. Nimki is dazed. He says yes Ganga’s son hit her.
Ganga says you should be ashamed. You hit an old woman and didn’t even stop for her. My own son.. He says you never considered me your son. You want fame only. You would send me to jail for votes. Ganga says you would go jail for your sin.

Nimki says I won’t let this case be burried. Sweeti says he is Ganga’s son. It isn’t that easy. Nimki says where is that witness/ Abhi says no one would take that risk. Nimki says I will talk to Ganga. She is very nice. Sweeti says would she send her son to jail? Ganga coems in with Parag and says I would. Ganga says can I meet that woman? Ganga says look at her Parag. She is in pain because of you. She says to Annaro, I am sorry. I won’t let anything to you. Ganga asks Parag to touch Annaro’s feet.
Shankar says she is doing fine. Ganga says she is injured. Nimki says Annaro would be fine. Ganga says Parag is responsible. Parag says I didn’t hit intentionally. I am sorry. Ganga says nimki you can call police and get him arrested.

Precap-Sweeti says Nimki forgive Parag. She is ready to punish him.

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