Nimki Vidhayak 30th September 2019 Written Update

Nimki Vidhayak 30th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Nimki Vidhayak 30th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anaro saying Babbu, I have kept a fast for you. Mintu gets shocked. He runs away. She shouts. Ganga meets Prasad. She shows the video of his plans against Tiwari. Mishra asks did you do this against your own party. She says such things happen in politics, if your party see this video, it will be bad. Prasad says I m loyal to my party. She says I was offering you a post in my party. She signs Mishra. She says you just have to go against Tiwari, its time to change your side, stay there and dig up the place to make Tiwari fall. Prasad asks about recording. She says don’t worry, I don’t tell the secrets to anyone. Prasad goes.

Mishra asks will you make him home minister. Ganga says kids these days need big chocolates, you will the minister. Mishra smiles. She sees

the video again. Mishra says Mintu is Ashish’s friend. She says forget it. Parag calls Surekha and scolds her. Shankar says Surekha kept fast for her children. Ganga says a mum keeps fast for her child, Surekha kept fast for her daughter. Parag asks didn’t you keep it for me. Ganga says when mum keeps fast, son does all the work and breaks her fast, I m scared you would make me break fast by wine. He says you don’t keep fast so that you can kill me anytime. He goes. She cries.
Anaro refuses to have food. Nimki comes. Doctor says she isn’t taking food and medicines. Nurse says we were talking outside and Anaro heard it, she took someone’s fast dalya also. Anaro says Nimki, look at this, I have met Babbu. Doctor and Nimki ask who came here. Nurse says Mintu Singh came here, Anaro got after him. Nimki looks on and feels bad. Anaro asks Nimki to make roti for Babbu. Doctor says she has to take food to take medicines.

Nimki asks Anaro to have food. Anaro refuses. Dadi sees Ganga’s pic. She says I won’t let her shadow fall on my Mintu. Mintu comes and hugs Dadi. He cries. Dadi asks what happened. He thinks to control his emotions. He says tests are clear, you don’t have a brain. He laughs. Dadi hugs him. Tillu and Pichku joke on her. She takes slipper. Mintu gets angry on his friends. He slaps Tillu. He scolds him. Mintu gets his pic and asks who is this woman with me in pic. Dadi says she was my neighbor, unlucky woman, she used to do black magic on you. Dadi asks Pichku not to take Nimki’s name. Tillu says yes, she is mine. Mintu hugs Dadi and says none can snatch me from you, I m afraid that you will be snatched. They both make a funny video. They dance on Why this Kolaveri di…. Mintu gets sad thinking of her tumour. He dances with her. He hugs her and smiles.

Nimki asks Anaro to have food. Anaro says just get Babbu to me, will you tell him about my fast. Nimki tries to feed her. Anaro attacks the nurse. Doctor asks Nimki to come out. Anaro refuses to have food. She says I will eat food by Babbu’s hand.

Nimki asks will you make Mintu as Babbu, will you make the past the present. She gets thinking.

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