Pandya Stores 12th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Stores 12th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 12th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rishita says Suman is doing too much. Shesh argues with Suman. Dhara says I will feed the food to the kids. Suman says kids will have the food, but they will have a bath from cow dung. They worry. Krish stops Prerna from leaving. She says get away, let me go. Dhara takes the food. She says its better if I die, I have given much sorrow to Krish and Prerna. She sees Prerna leaving. She runs out. Krish begs Prerna. She says this marriage blunder happened because of Dhara, but Shweta is pregnant with your child, I can’t bear this, I m doing. The kids get scared. Suman stares at them. Rishita and Raavi come. They kids get an idea. The ladies see Krish and Prerna, and laugh. The kids sing Dadi Amma maan jao and dance. Suman smiles. She says I will not forgive. A lady jokes on Krish for having two women in his life. A man also laughs on Krish.

Krish asks him to shut up. Rishita and Raavi say forget it, the kids are young. Suman says I will punish you both also. They run away. Suman punishes the kids. Shiva goes to get the cow dung. The man says its pure and fresh, take it. Shiva takes it. Dhara runs to stop Prerna. She says we will go home and talk. Prerna scolds her. She says I hate you, I don’t want to see your face, you want to insult me by keeping me in this relation, which you killed. She asks her to get away. She comes in front of a car. Krish and Dhara shout Prerna… Shweta is at a temple. Shivank comes. She gives him sweets. She says you got married to Prerna, have the laddoo.

The man stops the car. Krish hugs Prerna and says come home with me. She pushes him. The man scolds Prerna. Someone says this man is a big goon, Dhananjay. Prerna says please drop me to taxi stand. Dhara and Krish worry. Prerna leaves. Shweta says take Prerna with you, I will convince Krish. Shivank says I will go to Canada with Prerna. Shiva says this is a marriage bureau. Dhara says Prerna has gone with Dhananjay. Krish shouts on her. She asks him to save Prerna. He borrows Rasik bhai’s bike and says its an emergency. He leaves. Shiva says I want to get married, I want a bride. The man asks why did you get cow dung here. Shiva tells his sad story. Prerna sits crying. Dhananjay asks her not to cry. She asks him to focus on driving. He compliments her beauty.

He holds her hand and says chill, the way to airport is long. She sees Krish following them. Dhara also follows them. Prerna worries for Krish. The man says I will get you married, tell me, what kind of girl do you want. Shiva describes the girl. The man says your work will be done, go and make a sherwani, give me your details. Shiva thanks him and leaves. Dhananjay says hero is following the heroine, your love is filmi. Prerna looks for Krish. She says this way doesn’t go to the airport, what are you doing. Dhananjay smiles.

A man delivers the courier for Shiva. Raavi cries and says an alliance came for Shiva. She scolds Shiva and says you won’t marry. He asks but why, who are you to say this.

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