Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 12th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 12th May 2023 Written Update by MA

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 12th May 2023 Written Episode

Sai gifts a gold chain with god’s locket to Vinu as birthday gift and prays god to keep Vinu happy always. Vinu thanks him. Satya gives his gift next. Vinu says its nice and thanks him for coming. Satya says how could he miss junior doctor’s birthday. He asks Savi to give her present to her dada. Savi gives her hand-made card to Vinu. Vinu says its special and he will preserve it. Chavans frown seeing Satya. Ninad says at least Vinu is smiling with Savi’s entry. Harini says let us start the party. Bhavani asks her to ask Vinu cut the cake soon and send Satya away. Virat tells Bhavani they have to play games until Pakhi comes. Harini agrees and announces a game and its rules.

Vinu asks Virat why didn’t Pakhi mamma come yet. Virat says she is on the way and says let us play the game as partners. Vinu denies and stands sadly. Savi requests him to cheer up and play game with her as partner. Vinu agrees. Savi excitedly says she and Vinu dada are partners and aayi and Satya uncle are partners. Harini announces other participant partners’ names. Partners wear rings and then pass it on till the music plays. Virat feels jealous seeing Sai and Satya playing intimately. He calls inspector Kadam and asks if she got Pakhi’s informationn. Kadam says not yet. Bhavani comments Sai is shameless to come here and even bring Satya long. Ninad says she should see happiness on Vinu’s face. Sai and Satya feel awkward when Sai’s mangalsutra gets stuck in Satya’s shirt button. Virat recalls similar incident with Sai and feels more jealous.

Satya’s colleagues arrive at Satya’s house. Alka, Amba, and Gowri welcome them. Sai and Satya win the game. Vinu and Savi hug Sai and Satya and congratulate them. Bhavani taunts virat that he was boasting that his children will not go away from him, but the truth is children like to stay where mother is and consider a man as father whom their mother stays with. Virat asks she wants him to kick Satya out of the house. Amba calls Satya and reminds its already 8 p.m. and his colleagues have already arrived. Vinu walks to Virat and asks where is mamma. Virat says she must be on the way and asks if birthday boy will show his dance or not. Vinu say she will not dance or cut the cake until mamma arrives. Virat sits sadly. Sai says she doesn’t think Pakhi will come, so he should tell truth to Vinu. Virat says how can he, he couldn’t fulfill his promise made to his son. Sai says she will then to stop Vinu from having a false hope. Virat gets angry and says she got a chance to degrade him in front of his son, can’t she see even he is trying to find Pakhi. Satya notices that, calls Sai, and signals its time. Sai signals back 2 minutes. Virat says she wants to spend time with her husband now. Sai says he can think whatever he wants to and she will do whatever she wants to.

Precap: Virat tells Vinu that he couldn’t find his mamma. Virat says he is a bad father. Sai asks him to trust her and cut the cake outside after praying god.

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