Pandya Stores 15th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Stores 15th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 15th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suman scolding Mittu and sending him outside. Rishita says I feel dizzy, where is Dhara. Suman asks Raavi to calm down. She says Shiva didn’t get married. Shiva says it will happen when I make you meet the girl. She asks Rishita to go to her family, don’t come between Dev and Raavi. Suman says better kill me. Shiva says no, kill me, I have no wife, I want a wife, get me married or kill me. Raavi says I will see him. She goes to beat him. He says its enough, I will make your game over now. He lifts her in arms. He says I will throw you in the well, tell me. Shweta and Shivank come home and look on. She asks him to go and save Raavi. Shivank asks Shiva to leave Raavi. He says she is my sister. Suman says Shivank, stop it.

Shivank says Raavi has a right to stop him from marriage, she has a relation. Shiva asks what relation. Suman says no one will say anything. Shivank says I m still alive. Shiva scolds him. They fight. Suman says stop it. Dev and Gautam come home. They stop the fight. Shweta laughs.

Shiva says its happening because of Raavi, what problem she has with my marriage. Raavi cries. Suman consoles her. Raavi says I have nothing to do. Gautam says stop it now. Shiva asks shall I not get married. Suman says shut up. Raavi thinks how to stop him from marrying. Shiva asks what problem does he have. Raavi asks Gautam to tell him. She says my life will get permanently spoiled. Shiva asks him to say. Gautam goes away. She asks Dev and Rishita to say. They also turn away. Raavi asks Suman to say. Suman also turns away. Raavi says I don’t have my parents to speak from my side, so you all are doing this. Shivank says don’t worry, your brother is still alive.

Shiva says you tell me if can. She says I will raise a voice. He says then tell me. She thinks I can’t tell him the truth. She says the truth is… Gautam says enough Raavi, you won’t say a word, I m here, I will tell him why he can’t get married. Shiva says yes, tell me. Gautam says your marriage can’t happen, because we got married. Shiva asks what nonsense, he means when you all have food, then I also had food. Gautam says I mean one gets suffering when you get married. Gautam and Dev speak bad points of marriage. Rishita jokes and says I was saying it from Raavi’s side. Gautam says there are too many expenses involved, you promised that you will never marry, but just handle Pandya store. Shiva asks did I say. Dev says yes, you said you will handle our kids. Gautam says you got married. Raavi says tell him who he married. Shiva asks him to say. He asks did I get married. Gautam says yes, you married Pandya store. Shweta laughs.

Gautam says you said you love Pandya store, you can leave everything for the store, you married the store. Suman says enough now. Shiva asks what are you saying, Pandya store is my mum, how can I marry mum. He goes. Suman says very nice, Pandya store. They all laugh. Raavi says Shiva went to Arushi, my life got ruined. She asks Gautam to explain Shiva.

She says where is Dhara. Rishita says yes, she isn’t here. Shweta says Krish and Prerna are also missing. She runs to see. She says I think Dhara made them flee. Shivank says Prerna is also not here. Shweta says I m going to file a police complaint. He goes. Shivank says I m worried for Krish. Dev calls Dhara. Suman says when will the drama end. Dhara says Krish and Prerna can’t get married. Arushi is on the way. She gets a call from marriage bureau. She collides with Dhara. Dhara murmurs about marriage mess and goes. Arushi thinks I hate you and your everything, I wish I never meet you again.

Shiva meets Arushi and her mum. She says your family should like me. Dhara says I won’t let you marry, Shiva.

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