Pandya Stores 21st May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Stores 21st May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 21st May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arushi asking Raavi to hear her out. She says I have no interest in Shiva, mom got me here and want me to marry some local man, when I got Shiva’s alliance, I thought he is perfect to teach a lesson to my mum. Raavi says you used him for his motive. Arushi says I will try to act with him, you try to make him regain his memory. Raavi asks how shall I trust you. Arushi asks what option do you have. They shake hands and say okay. Gautam makes Chiku ready for school and asks him to call out his mum fast. Chiku asks which mum. Gautam says just Dhara is your mum, ask her the time of your swimming classes. Chiku says she isn’t at home. Gautam says where is she. Shivank says Krish, Dhara and Prerna aren’t at home, they might fail Shweta’s plan. Krish, Dhara and Prerna take a disguise. Dhara asks them to romance later. Gautam calls Dhara and asks which hospital did you go. Krish asks how did he know this. Gautam asks her not to do any drama. She says no, you can speak to the doctor, I came for my ear pain treatment. Gautam ends call. Shivank says I have to do something. Dhara asks them to wear the ID cards. Shiva is at the store. Raavi is in the storeroom. Dev sees her. She asks him to get quiet and messages him. Dev goes and says there is nothing. Shiva says I got to hear a sound again, there is a monkey inside. He goes to see. Dev says Raavi is inside, if she gets caught then, don’t know what she wants to do. Shiva looks around and says I think the monkey ran away. She sneezes. He turns. Dev sneezes and lies to him. He sends Shiva.

Dhara, Krish and Prerna come to the hospital and says we are medical vigilance officers. She shows the cards and says call the three doctors, we need to question them. Nurse says sorry, they are in pathology lab. Krish says they make errors in reports. Dhara asks him to handle his moustache. Raavi fixes the chillies overhead and says I have to recreate Shiva and my first meet, this will work. She sees Shiva coming. She asks Dev to go and do as she said. Dev goes. Shiva stops the bike. Raavi falls in his arms. Dev drops the chillies on them. Dev smiles seeing them. Shiva recalls their first meet. Raavi asks did you recall something. Shiva makes her away. He says yes. Dev smiles. Shiva says I remember you are a big problem, why did you do this, just to trouble me, you came to the store and stolen chillies. Raavi scolds him. Dev says they started again. He goes. Shiva and Raavi argue. He goes. She says I can’t stop trying, I will get you at any cost. Doctor is treating a patient. Nurse says vigilance officers have come. Doctor says it’s a management problem, we will handle it, trust me. The man asks him to treat his daughter. He says I m the head of the team and have no info about the raid. Dhara scares the doctors in the lab. They say we didn’t do anything. Prerna asks about Shweta’s reports. The doctor says we didn’t do anything wrong, we have the patient’s sample for 10 days. He gives her the blood sample. Dhara says you have made her wrong reports.

The man asks who are you all. Krish acts. Dhara says listen to us, we didn’t do fraud. Shivank comes there.

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