Pandya Stores 31st May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Stores 31st May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 31st May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone catching Shivank in the net. Raavi scolds him and beats him with a slipper. Dhara recalls Shivank’s crimes and beats him. Everyone beats Shivank. Suman says you finished everything. Main tumko nai chodungi…plays… Arushi comes there. She also beats Shivank. Shivank asks why are you beating me. Arushi says just like that, everyone is beating you. Shiva asks when did you come, and why are you wearing this bridal dress. She says I have worn this bridal dress for your sake, I left everything and came to you, we will get married, come. Suman asks are you dumb, our family has this problem, you are saying this. She asks Shiva to explain Arushi, else she will beat her. Shiva asks Arushi to go. Arushi says I want to marry you right away. Raavi scolds her. Shiva stops her and says I will come in 5mins. Dhara scolds Arushi and says we have explained you before, I won’t let this marriage happen, you can go now, we don’t invite strangers in our family matters, get out.

Shiva gets a donkey cart and asks Shivank to come. Shivank says I won’t sit on it. Suman says make this pig sit on the donkey, get the black colour, I will apply it to him first. Arushi’s mum takes her aside. She says Shiva chose his family over you, his memory isn’t there, when he gets his memory, he will understand Raavi is his love, his wife, don’t ruin your life. Arushi leaves. Everyone blackens Shivank’s face and makes him sit on the donkey.

They take him to the police station. Shivank says please forgive me. Suman slaps him. Gautam asks Inspector to arrest Shivank, he had tried to molest Prerna. He tells everything. Shivank gets arrested. He says please forgive me. Suman says you are a devil, I don’t want to see your dad. Shivank shouts yes, I m a devil and I will take revenge for this insult, I will not leave anyone. Shiva says you will find me at the door. Suman says don’t know, Prerna can forgive me or not, I made a big mistake, Dhara.

Prerna makes food for the kids. She says we will have a mini party, because I m very happy, you all have to dance, I will teach you. Shesh says another marriage in the house. Prerna says I will get happy when I get married to Krish, I will teach you how to dance in baraat. She plays the song. They all dance with her.

She asks Chiku to come and dance. He refuses. She gets stumbling and falls. She gets hurt. The kids worry. Dhara asks Suman not to apologize. She says I love you. Suman says no need. Rishita says its okay, I love you, mother and daughters have arguments. Raavi says I love you and hugs Suman. They all hug Suman. Suman says I love you all, I don’t understand, how did Arushi come there in the bridal dress. They look at Shiva. The kids worry for Prerna. She asks them to call someone. They ask her not to cry. Shiva says I didn’t call her, she has come, she will become my bride someday. Raavi says I have to die someday, you forgot everything. Gautam says stop it, it’s a police station. Suman says I saw a woman today, she ran away seeing me, I feel I know her. Dhara worries and thinks before Suman meets my mum, and I get more insulted, I should handle this. She goes. Suman says I remember, that woman was like Dhara’s mum, I wish I m wrong.

Dhara says when its about my family, I can fight my mum, I will make Arushi and Malti Devi out of the city. Arushi says I will tell everyone that Malti is your mum.

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