Pandya Stores 8th February 2024 Written Update

Pandya Stores 8th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 8th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amrish crying and seeing the dead man. They see someone else. He sits crying. Chirag holds him. Pranali says Amrish never thought of Dhawal. Amba asks Bhaven to ask his wife to shut up. She says she is saying this about Amrish. Bhaven says Pranali is saying right. Pranali smiles. He says she is right, Amrish is selfish, he wants to keep everyone under his control. Amba cries. Pranali thinks what happened to Bhaven, he is saying right for Dhawal’s sake. Amba scolds them. Natasha goes to Kataria’s house. She asks is Dhawal here. He says no, what happened. She says nothing, sorry to disturb at night. He says I will come along. She says no, I will find him. Dhawal cries recalling Amrish’s words. A man scolds him for disrespecting women. Dhawal says you are saying right, our family didn’t teach us that women have heart, they taught that women don’t deserve respect, but I will face it, tell me, if you will teach me. He shouts. Constables stop him.

Inspector scolds Dhawal. Natasha sees the police and thinks did they take Dhawal. She hires an auto. Amrish and Chirag come home. Amba asks did you find Dhawal. Amrish says no. Dolly gets a reel. She says Dhawal is here. They see Dhawal getting arrested by the police. Amrish says how dare they arrest my brother. He leaves. Amba says Amrish will bring Dhawal home, I will see who spits poison against my sons. Chirag says Amrish will bring Dhawal, come.

Chiku hides Isha from Suman. Suman and Mittu argue. He asks Isha to come. Suman sees them leaving in an auto. She asks Mittu to call a rickshaw fast. She follows them. Amrish gets a lawyer to bail out Dhawal. Natasha comes. Amrish says you here. She says I thought Dhawal can be here, you go in, I will wait here. Mittu says I will come along. Suman says I will go. inspector scolds Amrish. Amrish says Dhawal isn’t wrong. Inspector says he said women are just a commodity in your house, go and meet Dhawal. Amrish thanks her. Amrish goes to meet Dhawal. Dhawal says I don’t want your help, I m fine, go away. Amrish asks how did he get hurt, who has touched my brother. Dhawal says enough of your drama, stop please. Amrish says come home, vent anger as you want, I got the bail. Dhawal tears the papers.

He asks Amrish to go away. He cries and hurts himself. Amrish says I m going. He cries. He says Dhawal was angry, he has torn the bail papers, just one person can bring him out. Natasha waits for Dhawal. Amrish comes to her. She asks where is Dhawal. He says Dhawal didn’t come, he doesn’t want any help from me, he has torn the bail papers, I failed in bringing him out, he is in bad state, I want your help like always. He gets on knees and begs her to bring Dhawal out of jail. She is shocked. He says please bring him out. She says get up, calm down, I will get Dhawal. Chiku sees Suman following. He asks Isha to sit in the auto, Suman is behind. They leave. Suman says they left again. Natasha goes to meet Dhawal. He says I don’t want to talk. She says I know Amrish was your world, and now that world got shattered, you will get hurt, I can understand, there is peace here, right. He says you should know that I don’t want to talk about Amrish. She hugs him and cries. She says I know you are hurt, it doesn’t mean you will lock yourself in jail, listen to Amrish once. Dhawal says he cheated you, he got a guy in your life to keep me away from you, you aren’t giving a chance to this relation, why are you defending Amrish.

Dhawal says I don’t want any relation or favor from this house. He says I will do the Tarpan and leave, I m dead for you all. Amrish cries.

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