Pandya Stores 9th February 2024 Written Update

Pandya Stores 9th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 9th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhawal asking Natasha how can you defend Amrish. She says he doesn’t love me, but he loves you. He says he makes everyone his puppet. She says you both love each other, try to sort the relation, give the relation a chance. He asks did you give a chance to our relation. She says we have no relation, you had signed the divorce papers, but Amrish and you have this string between, please come with me. He says okay. She takes him. He gets released. He recalls Amrish’s words. Amrish opens arms for him. Dhawal goes and hires an auto. Natasha says we will go home. She goes with Dhawal. Amrish says you are coming home at least, I will convince you. Amba waits for Dhawal. Natasha brings him home. Amba and everyone happily cry. Amba says I told you, Amrish will get Dhawal home, Dhawal will never go against Amrish. Amrish comes. Dhawal gives the car keys and cards. He says I don’t want any relation or favor from this house. Amba asks will you end relations this way, where will you stay, who will take care of you, life isn’t easy.

Amrish cries and says don’t leave the house, I m ready to accept any punishment. Dhawal says fine, I will make things easy for you. He goes to the temple and gets a water pot. He says I heard that we do tarpan for dead people, I will do my tarpan and leave. He puts water on his head. Amba and everyone cry.

Dhawal says now let me go, let me live in peace, you shouldn’t care if I live or die. He throws the family pics. Everyone cries. Dhawal says all the memories are over, are you happy now, permit me to leave from here. Amba asks what are you doing, can someone forget you. Dhawal takes her blessings. He meets everyone. Chirag says I won’t let you go, I promise, I will talk to Amrish. Dhawal says no, you three are brothers from now, forget me. He sees Natasha. He says you don’t need to become a puppet, come with me. Natasha says I m not with you in this, I know Amrish did wrong, but even you are doing wrong, relations aren’t broken, decisions taken in anger are mostly wrong, you have time, think.

Amrish asks Chirag to find Dhawal. Natasha comes and says Dhawal is at Kataria’s house, don’t go there, we have to find a way to bring him back, we have to open Pranali’s clinic.

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