Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th February 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th February 2024 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th February 2024 Written Episode

Veer tells family that they shall cancel his soorma ritual if Sahiba is not here. Seerat asks what if Sahiba is not here, she will perform the ritual. Bebe hesitantly agrees. Veer’s friend tells him to get the pics clicked as it would uplift his image. Seerat performs ritual happily while Veer’s friends click pics. Prabjot tells Seerat that she was frowning till yesterday and today she looks very happy, what is the secret. Seerat recalls getting Angad and Saiba’s divorce file. Angad thinks of calling Sahiba’s parents to find out where Sahiba is. They both walk in. He asks them where is Sahiba. They say Sahiba asked them to reach here.

Sahiba with Keerat and Garry reaches home and prays god to give her strength to perform a task she has thought of doing. Garry asks Keerat not to get afraid inside as they are with him. Angad asks Ajith again where is Sahiba. Ajith says they don’t know, Sahiba asked them to reach here. Manveer spills venom against Sahiba as usual. Jasleen says maybe Sahiba took Keerat to parlor. Hansraj jokes that they need not worry as Keerat will not run away like Seerat and even Garry is not here to elope Keerat. Santosh thinks Seerat spoilt her own life and prays god to protect Keerat’s future. Angad thinks where Sahiba must be.

Sahiba enters with Keerat and Garry. Prabjot asks what happened to Keerat’s clothes. Jasleen asks what is Garry doing with Keerat and Sahiba. Angad asks what happened to Keera and what is Garry doing here instead of going to Delhi. Akaal asks why is Keerat in this condition on her wedding day. Sahiba says Veer and Keerat’s wedding can’t happen today. Everyone stand shocked. Akaal asks if she is in her senses, what is the problem when the girl and boy are ready and whole family accepted their alliance. Sahiba says she will not get her sister married to a boy like Veer. Veer thinks Keerat revealed everything to Sahiba then.

Angad says if she had any problem, she would have discussed it with him first and not tried to stop the wedding. Sahiba says she tried to inform him over phone, but there was so much noise behind him that she couldn’t speak. Angad says she would have come home and spoken to him instead. Sahiba reveals how Veer called Keerat to a hotel and misbehaved with her. Family asks Veer if it’s true. Veer starts crying and accuses that Sahiba is trying to hide her sister’s sin and lies that Keerat spent a whole night with Garry. Sahiba warns him to stop stooping so low. Veer shows video of Seerat hugging Keerat and recalling clicking it. Family stands shocked.

Precap: Angad tells Sahiba that he wants to talk to Keert and not her. Sahiba refuses to let him speak to Keerat. Veer threatens to burn himself alive if he doesn’t marry Keerat. Angad slaps Sahiba trying to stop her.

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