Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th January 2020 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th January 2020 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 15th January 2020 Written Episode

The episode starts with all three gods mahadev, brahmadev & Narayan come to devi anusaya in form of brahmans & she welcomes them to have food then mahadev tells her we have food only once in a year & rest of the time we fast so she introduces her & gives them promise that I’ll provide food to you as per your policy itself then mahadev tells her that we also have taken one oath that anybody who provides us food should be naked & she is confused.
Krishna explains telling rishi’s that she was confused thinking she had to perform both duties purely of her husband’s devotion as well as guest’s welcome so you have to listen to this story of devi anusuya properly from the start when she was daughter of rishi kadam.
Rishi is in meditation of god surya while surya dev immerges telling him to open your eyes so he prays him then surya tells him you are itself knowledgeable rishi then how you have any problems so he explains him about his daughter anusuya for whom he is in confusion as I am searching an able husband for her but I can’t find anybody who can be able so surya praises anusuya telling him she is a blessed women in this world & rishi aatri only can be able person for her as her husband who has all qualities in him so you have to give your daughter’s hands in rishi aatri’s hands itself. Rishi kadam prays surya god thanking him that now you cleared my problems immediately & surya leaves.
Anusuya comes calling her father & she tells him to come along for food but he tells her i wish to speak important that at certain time father has to decide about her daughter’s marriage & asks her if you have anybody then she tells him it is only you to decide as you will think of a person better for me so he keeps witness of surya god telling her that from now on-wards your husband will be rishi aatri so go & search him & be with him while she gets emotional talking with her father & takes his blessings.
Krishna explains rishi’s how devi anusuya was sacrificed by her father but now her task was to search her husband which took lot of years.
Anusaya is searching rishi aatri while he sees her & calls her & she introduces herself to him & tells him whom she is searching & he tells him I am itself rishi aatri so she tells him I am bonded by my father as your wife to you so he feels glad & tells her to wait here as my tiem is of samadhi & she waits for him.
Krishna explains rishi the way you had told anusaya she had taken that as her duty & did not go from there while lot of years got spent & she got turned into a tree after around hundred years.
After hundred years as he returns he sees lot of changes had happened after finishing Samadhi & he hears voice of a devi from a tree. Devi reminds him of she who had met you hundreds years back & told you that I am donated as your wife to you by my father & rishi understands & appreciates her devotion towards his husband so much that he too says that now it is time of my duty to perform & he bring her into her original life & she prays rishi. Rishi blesses her & praise that all women will understand in this world how to be purely devoted towards her husband by your name to be famous.
Krishna explains rishi’s this is how she was blessed & also there were three more women’s & they were our wife’s of brahmadev, mahadev & Narayan.
All three women’s are admiring their own husbands saying they are ultimate in this world so they also say that like they are ultimate the same way we are also ultimate as their wife’s. Dev rishi comes telling them that there is one more women who has impressed your husband gods & they ask who so he tells them devi anusuya who was devoted to her husband so much that she is blessed by her husband rishi & also your husbands think her ultimate women too then they ask him can she compete us in our forms & act like us so he tells them she can’t but she is also ultimate now.
Krishna tells rishi’s that dev rishi had done his work by instigating them so they were affected by their egos & go to see her.
They all come to anusays telling her we are wife’s of aatri rishi then she too tells them that if this is it then I too am your sister so they blame her saying you have tricked us by this then she tells them it’s not that but as you are my guest now so to come & sit but they ask her are you not angry with us then she tells them why should I so they as her we thought you won’t accept us as we are his wife’s then she tells them he is my god & I can’t feel wrong about his decisions too as I should accept this too while all are shocked & confused hearing her.
Krishna explains they tried to make her feel against her husband but she was not affected then they tried to do something else.

Precap: Krishna is resting on a tree & there is one megh as an archer is trying to shoot his arrow towards eyes of megh but megh moves & arrow hits legs of Krishna. Rukmini comes running to see what has happened while Krishna opens his eyes smilingly.

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