Luv Kush 15th January 2020 Written Update

Luv Kush 15th January 2020 Written Update by Amena

Luv Kush 15th January 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Lav trying to save Kush from the snakes. Nagarseth’s son asks him does he not care for anything, Maharishi can punish him. Nagarseth says I don’t care, Lav and kush are going to die. His Bahu hears this and thinks to inform Ram. Laxman says I think Lav and Kush will bring Sita back. Ram says I m not doing to help Lav and Kush, but for Sita’s promise, she wanted to change Ayodhya’s thinking, she left from here, she will come back when this happens. This society should give woman its place. Nagarseth’s bahu is in the market. His son asks what are you doing here. She says I was going to temple. He says I will come along. Ram says Sita and I can unite only when husband and wife’s status is same, when there is love, no doubt, my blessing is always with Lav and Kush. Lav uses his weapons to save Kush.

Kaal looks on. He attacks them. They both get under the snakes. Nagarseth’s son follows his wife. She prays for them. Lav and Kush hold hands and scream. The snakes fall far. Kush says I will never talk of taking rest again. They leave. Nagarseth’s bahu prays to get some way to reach Ram and convey the message. Pandit asks them to keep any chadava for puja, the prasad is being sent to Ram. She smiles. The snakes follow Lav and Kush. The lady prays. She writes a message for Ram on the betel leaf. She keeps the leaf in the prasad. Kush says these snakes are Mayavi. Lav says yes, we also have Divya powers. Kush says right. They get weapons and make a protection shield around them. They get saves from the snakes. The prasad is taken to Ram. Kaal continues to attack Lav and Ksh. Mahant gets the prasad. Guard throws out the betel leaf. Lav and Kush worry seeing the shield breaking. Mahant gives prasad to Ram and everyone. The snakes attack Lav and Kush. They break the shield. Ram doesn’t see the betel leaf.

Kaal says you both will be dying now. He sends Lav and Kush towards the lava. He says now no one can save you.

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