Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st August 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st August 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with gurudev goes to jarasan to convince him of a chance to join hands. Jarasan is getting annoyed by this as he tells that me as a big warrior who gives no chances for enemies to talk so how can you think of bringing proposal of taking one chance to join hands? So Gurudev is explaining him about the request I have brought to you from shrikrishna himself but jarasan is getting angry & telling that I feel like killing you but gurudev is saying as there was no mistake done by us killing your son-in-law & also by Mathura people but you are punishing Mathura people. Gurudev is instigating him by his tricky explanations to accept this chance proposal which will benefit both sides. Jarasan is saying gurudev to not to fool me in your words but

gurudev is telling jarasan that see if you kill people of Mathura then who will be left to rule on in Mathura. Gurudev is again telling jarasan that your enemy is Krishna who is to be punished & not Mathura people. So jarasan is in thoughts & by accepting he then keeps one of his demand to go & tell your maharaj that it will only happen to stop this war & my punishment towards Mathura people if they handover Krishna to him & I will kill him by my own hands & by krishna’s blood I will give peace to my son-in-law’s soul.
Arjun is talking with madhav asking him if you knew the future results then why you sent chance proposal to jarasan & madhav i.e, Krishna replies that chance is first step of war to reach its results. Any warrior comes on the battle field when he has no alternative left to get saved from the war by expecting one last chance. Krishna is explaining Arjun basic lessons of war which could save people of Mathura, so my trick worked & jarasan called off his attack on Mathura which I wished.

Maharaj is telling Krishna that to not to force him on handing over you to jarasan as we are not getting scared of him & I can’t take this kind of step as you are our life & we can’t give our life to anybody’s hands & keeps saying no to Krishna. Krishna is explaining nanaji i.e. maharaj that he honors your love for me but because of only one person can you take risk of so many lives of people, answer me? Maharaj & all are in thoughts. Vasudev is asking Krishna what are saying & he replies that I am only stating ethics as if any one person is responsible for the entire loss of so many people then that person has to get sacrificed then vasudev reciprocates that it won’t be possible to sacrifice you deliberately knowingly.

But Krishna is telling that who will be sacrificed will be decided when I go there but I request you to please let me go there as may be something positive will come out of this. Gurudev understands this & advises to accept krishna’s request as we have no other way out. Vasudev is telling gurudev that there is one more way as to see nearby villages who can help us & orders Balarama to see who all are ready nearby. Krishna & gurudev are smiling knowingly the trick is working.

All villagers are getting ready in night with weapons in their hands & Krishna & Balarama are in village & all villagers are telling Krishna that to not to worry as we will fight till our last breath but won’t hand over you to jarasan. Krishna is explaining them nothing will happen to Mathura & to go back happily. Balarama is telling Krishna to not to ignore this as we need more & more people to tackle evil like jarasan so all should be ready to fight this evil & all villagers are supporting Balarama, but Krishna is again telling villagers to not to worry & go to your homes happily. Balarama is still forcing Krishna & telling villagers to be ready with all your weapons.

Krishna & Balarama are still discussing about this & Balarama is showing Krishna the gaint army & Krishna is replying where is the army & Balarama is surprised by krishna’s remarks that he can only see evil groups standing with whom war does not happen which happens only with army.

A person named dhumketu is talking with jarasan that you have promised to leave people of Mathura in exchange of Krishna to hand over us but do you have faith that he will come? Reason asks jarasan to the person so he tells that Krishna is a big trickster due to which he has got saved by kansa so it is quite possible that also to get saved by you he must be using his trick & jarasan says that if this is it then we will attack early morning on Mathura killing all.

Krishna is explaining Balarama about what all fights they faced in past life so Krishna wishes to tell balaram the truth of his life & says start is end & end is start. Krishna is telling that time has come to know your & my truth of life & balaram is replying to not to joke but Krishna says to listen carefully.

Krishna is detailing the truth by talking in various ways & finally reminds him of his flute playing days for whom vasundhara came to meet him. Vasundhara is asking Krishna to help her as brahmadev is also telling Krishna that she is right so you have to come on earth to help her. Krishna tells vasundhara that he will come on earth to help you & vasundhara is happy with it. Balarama immerges there in form of snake & he tells him to not to forget me to take along with you in form of your brother & Krishna says yes.

Balarama is praying Krishna that he forgot this & Krishna says not to worry as he always kept reminding you in various ways in past too that you are my brother of previous avatar of snake.

Arjun is talking with Krishna about the truth prevailing to Balarama why so late you told him & Krishna replies that things happen as per their stipulated time frame & happening after time passes is wrong. Krishna explains Arjun the lessons of strength & patience. Arjun understands the basic lessons from Krishna.

Balarama is happy with Krishna & asking what I have to do now. Krishna is telling Balarama to not to misuse your powers & he promises that.

Jarasan is getting ready to attack on Mathura village ordering all his army to be ready. Krishna is telling balaram to get ready to fight the army of jarasan but balaram is asking how will we do this & Krishna shows balaram that this rath will help us to fight with jarasan & Balarama is happy.

Precap: Balaram & Krishna are fighting with jarasan army. Jarasan is saying Balarama how will you kill me now then Balarama leaps & kicks him & he falls on the ground. Balarama picks a huge stone to kill him but krishna stops Balarama to not kill him now.

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