Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st January 2020 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st January 2020 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st January 2020 Written Episode

The episode starts with jalbharat praises Krishna saying I feel you are a very big devotee of Krishna as I am seeing Krishna everywhere so I will go to my father now then Krishna asks why so he tells him he itself sent me here to search Krishna then he asks why so he tells him the story of his father that he was a big brahman to guide devotees of god.
His father tells one of devotee to do 51 bhog to do yagna for impressing god then his son jalbharat tells him father why all this is needed to achieve god then tells him this has to be done to impress gods so he talks him against his ethics but his father does not listen to him & that devotee tells his father that your son is saying truth so we will search our god on our own & he leaves while his father gets annoyed with his son & tells him to go & search your god till then do not come back.
Jalbharat tells Krishna that’s why I came here to search Krishna so now you have to explain my father & Krishna tells him I will. Krishna says in himself that you were my big devotee in past & I will make you realize love again.
Gurudev explains indra & other gods this is how prabhu controls his devotees disturbance & how bharat became jalbharat due to he was son of rishab god & he was under darkness due to rahu but due to his good deeds he got birth as brahman & also explains human gets his boons of good deeds in next birth but such time will come when human’s deeds will fetch his boons in the same birth whatever it may be.
Indra is seeing something evil happening & says what is this happening so guru also says what kind of evil is this happening in absence of prabhu.
A disguise of Krishna is fooling villagers while they are telling him you are not our Krishna so to go away but he is explaining them that I am itself your dwarika dhish. They are asking him whatever he has done for us was all wrong & trick & we do not accept your talks but then too he is adamant to explain them all telling them I am itself your god but they do not believe him & tell them you must be knowing how to play flute so he tells them I know you won’t believe me but my flute playing will open your eyes. He plays flute & all get engrossed in his flute music looking towards him happily.
Jalbharat says Krishna is in all these things but how can i take all this along then he plans I will take these pots as he liked very much but how can i leave this bullock cart also & this bell too so what all I should take & I am alone so you only show the way Krishna. Krishna in disguise of guala comes asking him what happened then he explains how can I take all this alone to my father then Krishna also says you too are confusing that’s why you are jalbharat who is in me too. Krishna tells him there is one way.
A disguised in Krishna is telling villagers that now you can believe me as I am itself your god pondrik then they ask him but who was he whom we always prayed so he tells them he was a trickster they ask him you never did any trick so he diverts their attention as they slowly start believing him. He also tells them did your Krishna gave you fruit without deeds then they say no but I will give you fruits without your deeds & he uses his powers to pour coins from sky & all are getting attracted towards it happily.
Jalbharat is talking with Krishna to not to trick me then Krishna tells him I will help you so he decides what to do to take all this along. Krishna tells vrindavan people I am taking all your things in me along.
Villagers praise him shouting his name as god pondrik’s jai ho & he is planning to acquire seat of Krishna in dwarika.
A maid comes running to Rukmini telling her that a duplicate is coming here in palace so she asks who then she explains he has taken form of prabhu so Rukmini is confused while she tells her he is declaring himself god pondrik & taking place of prabhu so Rukmini gets alert.
Gurudev says so pondrik has taken such step to show himself god & how can he do this while gods are telling guru we have to alert prabhu but guru stops explaining them still dwarika is safe & he can’t do anything as he was previously saved by prabhu itself then they ask what had happened so guru explains about past to them.
Pondrik had come with wish to vrindavan & he was fooling people of vrindavan but kanha saves them by him & he pleads with kanha.
All gods says he was very evil so he will be punished when prabhu understands this.
Jalbharat tells Krishna to not to leave me till the end.
Gurudev explains gods jalbharat was so clean by heart who was an ultimate devotee of prabhu & prabhu never leaves him alone.
Krishna promises him that I won’t leave you till the end & jalbharat is happy with this.

Precap: Pondrik is planning to become dwarka dhish in absence of shri Krishna but Rukmini comes telling him to not to think that if prabhu is not here then you will acquire dwarika but I will stop you if whatever I have to do for this also to kill you if possible. A new problem arises in front of Krishna while going with jalbharat.

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