Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th August 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th August 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with & his daughter comes in front of him by which he gets very angry telling maharani to tell her to go away from here as what is she doing here & how she had the courage to come in front of me so maharani tells maharaj that you had only said to bring that person who prepared this food so your daughter itself has prepared this food & maharaj gets angry stating she is not my daughter shouting at maharani that if I had known she has prepared food then I wouldn’t have touched it & telling maharani to tell her to go away & as she leaves she asks Krishna that is this birth given to me to face all these things as you had told me that I will get all my answers her but here are questions only & all are searching answers as you had only advised

father of this yagna so it means all answers are with you hence i am coming to you. Brother comes to her giving the gift father had declared telling her that food was very tasty so he explains her authority of rights & whatever happened today has full rights on that of her. She tells her that I will accept this only when father accepts me by his own will. Her brother accepts but she tells krishna that my brother is also a question for me.
She is thinking about the past she learnt from all these people & she is moving around the jungles to search Krishna.

Arjun tells Krishna in how troubled life draupadi has lead & Krishna too accepts this explaining the life of a human nature. He tells him about draupadi searching her existing life’s motive & start of her life.

Draupadi comes near krishna’s palace saying in her minds that I have come to your palace so you have to exist for me now?

Rukmini is praying Krishna with maids while Krishna is resting. Draupadi hears the sound of prayer & gets up taking krishna’s name. Krishna plays his flute. Rukmini is also happy with it & draupadi finds the way towards krishna’s palace. Rukmini is happy telling him I have prepared 56 items for your Pooja.

Guards are asking draupadi what help you need so she tells them I need to meet Krishna so inform him that I have come to meet him. Guard tells her as you are feeling tired so rest & take some water so she replies unless I don’t meet him I won’t not take water so he says as you wish but he asks if Krishna asks from where are you then what should I answer? Then she is in confusion.

Rukmini is offering food to Krishna telling all are is of your choice but a guard comes telling Krishna that a woman has come asking for you but Rukmini interrupts telling guard that you don’t see Krishna is having foods so he says that she is having urgency so Krishna asks is it yagshaini so he replies yes & Krishna runs to meet her not bothering Rukmini stopping him too.

Krishna reaches towards draupadi waiting for him as she says ultimately you came so he replies that I had to come & welcoming her to dwarka.

A teacher is teaching drishta dhum lessons of war & as drupad shoots an arrow towards dhum so he holds it by his hands proving himself as an alert warrior. His father drupad is explaining him about drone’s attack & basics of war & drone’s teacher’s details too.

Drupad’s son dhum is practicing attacking tactics as his father comes asking him how you are studying in front of prabhu parshuram? So he is reminding about the lessons of dronarcharya, eklavya & Arjun how they studied through drone so his father is happy with his study. Dhum takes blessings from his father of destroying drone.

Precap: Drupad’s wife tells him to kill me by this weapon. Drupad is telling his son dhum to kill shikandi.

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