Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st January 2018 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st January 2018 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st January 2018 Written Episode

The episode starts with kanha and jamuna in the water, jamuna says kanha you killed that nag so easily. Kanha says I promises jamuna I would protect you and the river, evil always dies and my mother says no evil can stand against good. Kanha says but in that fight, I lost the ring my mother gave me, it fell into this crack. Jamuna says this crack goes underground in naglok only. Kanha says okay, I have to go and find that ring, it is very dear to me. Jamuna says yes kanha, but how will you go there?
There kansa is on his crow and he says I am bhagwan kansa, I will find Vishnu in that area where there is no poison. there is a village surrounding the water. As kansa tries to go there, he is pushed behind, he sees all people farming and kids happily playing. Kansa gets angry and says

to his crow, are you dumb? Get inside. As they try to go there, they are pushed back again. Kansa says what is this maya? What is happening? Crow says prabhu I am trying but there is some force field keeping us back. Kansa gets angry.
There kanha sees the crack and puts his hand inside it and then opens the ground from the crack. Kanha jumps into the crack and lands inside a huge cave. Kanha says I have to find the ring, he walks ahead and see an entire mountain of gold rings same as kanha has. Kanha says oh my god, so many similar rings, how will I find mine? A nag comes and turns into human form and says who are you kid? Why have you come here? Kanha says I came here because the ring that my mother gave me fell down here, please let me find it. Nag says I am the guard here, I did not see any ring falling here. Kanha says I swear it fell here, let me find it, if I don’t get it I will go away from here, I wont take anything that belongs here. Nag says I am Vasuki and I guard this place, he looks here and there and says there is no ring here, you go away. Kanha says but my ring looks like these rings and whom does these rings belong to? Vasuki says it belongs to one great person. Kanha says so many rings to just one person? How is that possible? Vasuki says it is, it belongs to my prabhu shree ram! Kanha smiles and says shree ram?!
Narad muni says prabhu Vishnu what is the story behind this? How did kanha land in that place and how do these rings belong to your treta yug form of shree ram? Lord Vishnu smiles and says devrishi, this happened when my form shree ram’s purpose was over and it was the time for him to die, that time yamraj in patal lok was talking to chitragupta ji! And before taking me, he had to face my greatest disciple. In flashback, hanuman is sitting very huge on a mountain and prays saying shree ram! Shree ram! There yamraj talks with chitragupta and says chitragupta, lord Vishnu’s shree ram form is now going back, my work starts here, I have to go to shree ram and take his soul to vaikunth dham. Yamraj goes. Hanuman listens this and opens his eyes and is angry, he says no one will take shree ram until I am there. Yamraj goes to lord ram’s palace and as he goes, everything turns black, hanuman enters too and as he goes everything turns back normal from black. Yamraj reaches lord ram. Suddenly hanuman comes there and says yam dev! lord ram smiles. Yamraj says hanuman I have to take lord ram with me, his purpose is over. Hanuman says no yamdev, you will have to fight me if you want lord ram. Yamdev says shree ram please tell hanuman. Lord ram says yamraj, he is my disciple I cannot do anything, you have to do. Yamraj goes to lord Vishnu and says prabhu what do I do? This is a problem now! Lord Vishnu says what hanuman is doing is right in his place, but i wont say I wont help you, a shadow can do a lot and hanuman doesn’t know whether it is me there or my shadow. Yamraj smiles and says I understood prabhu. There lord Ram says to hanuman. Hanuman my bhakt, I want to give you something. Lord ram says it is a ring. Hanuman says prabhu it is your ring, I will always keep it near to my heart. Lord ram is giving the ring when he makes it fall down on purpose, the ring falls down from a crack into the cave where Vasuki ji guards the place. Hanuman says my prabhu’s ring! Hanuman goes to that cave. Lord ram smiles. Yamraj comes.
There hanuman says my prabhu’s ring is here but there are so many rings here, which is my prabhu’s ring? Vasuki ji comes and says pranam hanuman ji! Hanuman says Vasuki I came here to find my lord ram’s ring which he gave me. Vasuki says hanuman ji sometimes end is the right thing that is to happen, everyone has to die at some time for someone to born again. Vasuki says these all rings belong to lord Vishnu, from all the yug’s till now whenever lord vishnu’s form’s purpose finishes, one ring comes here and I guard these rings. Vasuki thinks hanuman I know you don’t want lord ram to go, but he has to go. Hanuman is sad and says okay and returns back without the ring.

Precap: kansa disguises as a villager and enters gokul and the village near the clean Yamuna water. Kanha goes to sunidhi, wife of kalya naag and says mata I am paras’s friend, I will save him, nothing will happen to him.

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