Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 31st January 2018 Written Update

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 31st January 2018 Written Update by Amena

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 31st January 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Laddoo stopping Anami. He says Satrupa took good care of me, she got toys for me, chocolates, icecream, she used to meet me, don’t get her arrested, she has tried to rectify her mistake, I won’t let her go anywhere. He hugs Satrupa. Dadi says Anami, Satrupa did a mistake, I can’t undo it, I m sorry. Dada ji says Laddoo’s words made me realize its better if family conflict stays inside the house, its not necessary to punish someone, its imp to make person realize mistake, I think Satrupa has repented for her mistake.

Anami says Madhu’s values have stopped me today. Satrupa smiles. Dadi says I can’t say I can forgive you or not, think hundred times before playing with any innocent life, maybe he won’t forgive you as Laddoo did. Anami gives chocolate

to Laddoo and says you did a good thing, you saved Satrupa by your innocence. He says I have said truth, she kept me in guest house well, I don’t remember anything else. She hugs him and says its good you don’t remember anything, it was not worth it. Tanya gets tea for Dheeru. He asks where is Adhiraj. She says he is sleeping, he didn’t sleep at night. Adhiraj gets a call. He gets up and says yes Sir, thanks. He comes to Dheeru. He says Anami did it, Satrupa has withdrawn the case, all allegations got away, I m back on duty. Tanya says great, I m so happy for you. She hugs and goes to get sweets. Dheeru hugs Adhiraj and says stay happy, you shouldn’t face such problem again.
Adhiraj asks what are you thinking now. Dheeru says what we shouldn’t do now, if Satrupa lost to Anami and took the case back, we should be grateful to Anami, but we should not forget that Anami is an integral part of Lal Mahal, being your father, I will advice you to stay away from Lal Mahal people, they won’t mind backstabbing you for money. Tanya feeds them sweets. Dheeru says think what I said, I will come back in evening. He leaves for home. Anami says Adhiraj got his job back, I should meet him, what shall I wear, I have to make something special. Poonam and Laddoo think. Laddoo says mum used to make kheer for every happy occasion. Poonam says yes, shall I make kheer.

Anami says think harder. Laddoo says take chocolates. Anami says I will have to think something. She checks on net. She sees cake. They say we will make a cake. Poonam says sorry, I didn’t make a cake ever. Anami says I will take help from Dadi. She goes to Dadi. Dadi says sorry, I have to go to doctor, I will come back and help, you can make it, but why are you in hurry.

Anami says Adhiraj…. Dadi says so you are making the cake for him. Anami says no, its for Tanya’s birthday. Dadi asks shall we go to kitchen, we have to make the cake. Daamo says I can’t file the case. Satrupa says keep finding it, when I think Anami and my relation will get better, it spoils further. Sudha comes and demands an AC. Satrupa says greed isn’t good. Sudha says you think my need is greed. She reminds her promise.

Sudha says fine, I will ask Baldev. Satrupa says stop, Daamo get her an AC. Sudha smiles and goes. Satrupa says my work should be done before Sudha returns from market. Anami starts making the cake batter. Dadi cleans her face. She asks her to bake the cake just for 20mins. Anami asks her to go to doctor. Dadi says call me if you need help. Anami and Poonam get confused. Anami reads the recipe. She adds much choco. She says it looks good now. She bakes the cake. She smiles.

Anami comes to meet Adhiraj. She sees him working out. She greets him. He smiles. She asks what. He falls down. She says you got scared seeing an ordinary girl. He says Satrupa got scared of you and took the case back, thanks. She says don’t waste my time by saying thanks. He asks what’s in it. She says I made this cake for you. He smiles. Hawayein….plays….She asks what are you thinking, get a knife. He gets a knife and cuts the cake. The cake doesn’t get cut easily. He tries hard and cuts it. She turns. He eats the cake. He says its delicious. She asks really, I also want to eat. He says its for me. She takes it and tastes. She says you find it tasty, its bad. He says its the world’s tastiest cake for me. She asks really, but why. He says you made it with love, we should take a selfie. They take selfies. She laughs. He looks at her. Dheeru looks on. Adhiraj and Anami see him.

Dheeru says it would be better if anyone doesn’t raise a finger at my son because of you, stay away from him. Anami looks on. Sudha hides the phone. Daamo says I didn’t find the phone. Satrupa says we have to think something that she comes and gives me the recording herself.

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