Parineetii 25th March 2023 Written Update

Parineetii 25th March 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 25th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Pari says the doctor asked to not tell you anything. She says the doctor said there can be some complications in the fourth month of pregnancy. I didn’t want to hide it from you. Neeti says so you were talking about the kid? I thought. Neeti says don’t worry. We will take care of you. Pari sees Palmer aunty. She says I’ve to go before she sees me and asks about Rajiv. Gurpreet picks Par’s photo. It falls from her hand. She says I hope everything is okay with Pari. Pari hides near the car. She recalls her wedding and cries. Gurpreet calls Pari. Gurpreet asks are you okay? Pari says I am fine. She says are you crying? Pari says no I am fine. Don’t worry about me. She says I should go to Chandigarh to see her.

Sanju looks at Neeti’s photo in the office. He recalls Neeti being mad at him. Sanju says I will fix your mood. Sanju goes out. The goons look at him and follow him. Pari says in their hearts people love celebrating weddings but I have to hide his marriage from the whole world. Why have you made it so complicated for me? Ic can’t even go, nor can I tell Neeti anything. Neeti comes there. Neeti says you look worried. Pari says I am not well. Neeti says let’s go get tai ji’s bangle fixed. Sanju comes to a shop. The goons come outside. They wonder how will they kidnap him in the market. Sanju loos for a dress for Neeti. A goon asks him where is this address. Sanju takes him to a side. They kidnap him. Sanju runs. The goons follow him. Neeti and Pari see someone running but they can’t see it’s Rajiv. The goons make him faint and put him in their car. The car drives past them. Neeti and Pari feel weird about the car.

Scene 2
Gurpreet comes to Neeti’s mom’s house. She asks how are you? You didn’t come for a few days. She says I was busy with a few things. Gurpreet says my heart was sinking so I was thinking to go and meet Pari. Might make me feel better. Neeti’s mom says bring her here and keep her with you. Gurpreet says what do you mean? She says you will feel better. Gurpreet says yes she can stay here for a few days. Neeti’s mom says you don’t know anything or pretend? She says your Pari has married Sanju. She’s married her best friend’s husband. Gurpreet has left. Neeti’s mom turns around.

Scene 3
The goons are happy they’ve succeeding picking Mehra. They say this is our first kidnapping. We should market ourselves as the new gang. I know a reporter let me call him. He can make us famous. He calls the report and says this is me, Satya. I’ve kidnapped Mr. Mehra, to make this news public. I will get more work.

Vikram calls Mrs. Mehra and says your husband won’t come home today. I kidnapped him from the market. I want that contract. Get that contract canceled and I will send your husband back. I kidnapped him from his car. Mehra listens as well. He says that means they kidnapped Sanju. Gurinder is worried. She asks Pari are you okay? Neeti asks are you okay? She says I am worried. I dropped pooja thaal. My heart is not at peace. I felt the same way when Sanju’s dad passed away. Pami says TV is reporting Sanju’s boss Mr. Mehra been kidnapped. The media reports the case. Gurinder is worried for Sanju.

Scene 3
Satya and the goons take Sanju inside. Tao ji finds Sanju’s car on the way. He wonders where is Sanju? He tries to start the car but it’s not working. He calls a mechanic. Pari gives Gurinder water. Neeti says please rest. Pami says Neeti calls Sanju. Bebe says Sanju’s boss is kidnapped. Neeti calls Sanju and says he’s not picking up my call. Everyone is worried. Salojna says did they kidnap Sanju as well? Pami says don’t say that.

Episode ends

Precap-Gurpreet comes. Neeti tells her her husband sanju is kidnapped. She asks Gurinder why are you worried. What happened to your son. The goons ask for 25 lacs. Pari tells Gurinder Sanju is Rajiv.

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