Parineetii 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 3rd February 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 3rd February 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sanju says pairs are made in heaven. like us. Pari cries. Sanju says no more tears or just happy tears. Paru says these are happy tears. Sanju caresses her face. He comes close to kiss her. Pari gets shy. The door knocks, and Sanju says I am sure it’s Monty. He opens the door. It’s Neeti. sanju says you? She says sorry I thought it was Bablis’ room. I need water. Pari says come let me show you the kitchen. Neeti teases Pari and says sorry I disturbed your wedding night? She teases Pari. Pari smiles. Sanju comes to Tai ji. She says I doubt Neeti. I know she’s pretending. She’s not lost he memory. Neeti says he must have come close. Pari gets shy. Neeti says I am happy for you. You got who you wanted.

Pami says she must have made the wrong reports. Sanju says I went to the doctor and she confirmed to me that she’s lost some parts of her memory. She told me her life was in danger. He says we have reports. We’re scared after what she’s done. Neeti comes there and says Pari is waiting for you. It’s your first night. Pari says stop it. Neeti says Pari is already tired. Neeti says Pari will make gajar halwa for you. She makes the best one.

Sanju asks Pari what happened. She faints. Sanju holds her. She says because of the baby.. Sanju says our baby. He says you should rest. Sanju takes her to the room. Sanju says let me give you a head massage. Sanju sits by her side and messages her head.

Scene 2
The next morning, Pami keeps an eye on Neeti. She says if Neeti sits with Sanju it’d show she’s only pretending. Neeti comes and says Pari come sit with Sanju. She says you made the halwa. I will do everything else. Neeti serves everyone. Neeti gives it to Sanju. Pari says wait? Neeti says being possessive? If I serve him, he won’t become mine. H’d be yours. Neeti says he doesn’t like it hot. She says wo your husband and best friend have the same choices. I also like it cold. Pari brings the cold halwa. Neeti says can I eat it, please? I don’t share it with anyone but I can share it with Jeju. I don’t share this halwa with anyone. Sanju says you can take it all. Neeti says you’re both emotional. Don’t be like Pari, she’s very innocent. You’ve to be a more practical one. Neeti says stay happy both of you. Pari hugs her. Neeti says you’ve chosen the perfect life partner for yourself. He’s made for you. she says my Pari is lucky to have a family like this. She says the best halwa too. No one can make it better than you. You’re the best. Neeti and Pari both get emotional. Neeti says I will miss all this a lot. I am sorry.. She goes to her room crying. everyone is confused.

Episode ends

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