Doree 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Doree 3rd February 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Doree 3rd February 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Chandini slaps Doree. She says how dare you. She asks Heera to sell them right away. Doree says I won’t go anywhere. Heera drags the girls. The female inspector meets other inspectors adn alerts them. A constable comes and says we found two kids. Vansh and Ansh are with them. Mansi is shocked to see them. Mansi hugs him. She asks are you okay? He says I want to go home. Please take me home. She says let’s go home. the inspector asks where were you? Vansh tells them everything. He tells them Doree was with them as well. Mansi is shocked. She says I will come with you. The inspector says you should go home with the kids. Mansi says but Doree.. I want to save her. She asks Vansh to go home with the police.

Mai does tandav in the temple. Nani asks what happened to her. A woman tells her she’s praying for the man’s life. Nani prays for the injured person’s life. Mai sees her. She’s shocked. Smoke spreaks everywhere. Mai loses Nani. She tries to look for her.

Scene 2
Mansi and the police come to the place. Heera sees the police. She puts her hand on Doree’s mouth. The police find a way to go in. Heera shifts Doree and the other kids to a truck.

The doctor checks Mahindra’s medicine. He says there is no name on this medicine. I will have to test it to find out what it is. Yash says Maa used to give it to him. He says we’ve taken his blood samples too. Sudha says don’t worry. Dad will be okay. The inspector comes in. Kailashi is doing her and. Kailashi sees Mansi. She hides. The inspector arrests all the men. Kailashi tries to run. the inspector comes after her.

The girls are being transported. they cry on the way. Doree prays and says baba please help me. She says baba, please. Their truck passes the temple where Mai is doing the tandav for the injured person. Mai faints. She realizes that the patient wasn’t there. She’s shocked. Mai says what is this? This is a miracle. He couldn’t even move. Where did he go? Doree prays baba please come. The patient comes and stands in front of the truth. Heera is shocked to see him. They get scared of his bandages. He reaclls her opened his eyes when Mai is doing tandav and comes there. Heera falls out of the truck. She says he’s come from the hospital. Send him back there. The man beats Heera’s goons. Heera picks Doree up from the truck. The man goes after her.

Kailashi is trying to run. The inspector stops her. She sees her face. It’s Kailashi. The inspector is shocked. She says you? In this deress? It was you who was dancing for those men? Mansi also comes there. She’s shocked.

Episode ends

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