Parineetii 5th June 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 5th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 5th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Pari says I love the surprise. He says I love your smile. He says we won’t talk about sad things today. no one is around to disturb us. we can spend some time today. He holds her hand. They both sit on the table. Sanju looks at her. He says I did all the decor myself. Pari says do you like me? He says I love you. Because you’re very special. You’re my Pari. He says I love you so much. I want to spend my whole life with you. Everything is so tangled. I want to fix everything. My life can only be fixed with you. I want to decorate your life with my love as well. He wipes her tears. He says let’s eat. Sanju makes Pari eat.

Scene 2
Neeti sees it all on video. She says I will kill her. How dare she have dinner with Sanju. Bebe says let her live for one night. Then Sanju will be yours. Chandrika asks Tai Ji what happened. She says I am worried about Pari. Sanju is also worried for her. Pami calls Sanju. She says Sanju is cutting the call. Sanju video calls them and shows them, Pari. Pami asks Pari are you okay? She says I am coming to you tomorrow. I am much better now. Sanju says I am here to take care of her. I will bring her tomorrow.

Scene 3
Neeti packs all her things. Salojna says let’s go. Sanju says to Pari we still have time. Dont do this mistake. You’re not getting what I am saying. I feel so restless like you’re gonna go away from me forever. Neeti says Pari has to go away from Sanju’s life forever. She keeps her gun. Pari says I will always live with you. Sanju says are you sure? She says yes. I will never leave you. I can’t live without you. He says promise me you will always be with me. Gurinder says to Pari that everything will be good now. All troubles will be over. Neeti says Pari’s life will be over.

Pami breaks the glass. She says something bad is gonna happen. She calls Para. She asks Pari are you okay? Pari says I am fine. We will be there on time. Pami says go back home. We will meet there. Pari asks her what happened. They lose the network. She says I have decided Sanju and Neeti won’t marry. I won’t let this injustice happen. She got IVF done herself. she did all that with her plan. She knew about society back then too. Why did she do it? She won’t do anything. Pari says please. Pami says we will go away from here. Neeti can give birth in a place where no one lives there. We will take that child. We don’t need this child. Gurinder says you’re right. but we were coming to the temple so we shouldn’t stop now. We can get Pari and Sanju married there again. It will be a blessing. Chandrika says that’s a great idea. Pami says I don’t feel okay.

Sanju says I don’t feel right. Like something bad is gonna happen. I feel like you’re going away from me. Pari says I will always be with you. Nothing will happen. Gurinder says get in the car. We’re going for something good. They go towards the temple. Gurinder texts and updates Neeti. Gurinder meets Neeti adn tells her everything. She says we don’t have time. Kill Pari when you get a chance. sanju’s car breaks down. He fixes it. Pari gives him water. Sanju caresses her face. Pari gives him shade.

Episode ends

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