Krishna Mohini 5th June 2024 Written Update

Krishna Mohini 5th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Krishna Mohini 5th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Krishna saying I can take care of Mohan. Aryaman says I promised to drop you and Mohan to college, I know keeping my promise and responsibility, please sit in the car. He cares for her. Ananya calls out Aryaman and gets his clothes from the cupboard. She tells her dinner plans. Srijala comes and gives her a psychiatrist’s visiting card. She says you got a shock by Krishna and Aryaman’s marriage, you have lost your mind. Ananya says don’t talk aloud, Aryaman is in the washroom, he will feel bad. Srijala says he isn’t here, Ananya, he isn’t in your life. Ananya asks when did he go to office. Srijala says he is going to college for Mohan’s admission, he regards Krishna his wife, forget him, you are a plastic surgeon, go to US and make your career. Ananya says he can’t do this with me. Aryaman asks Krishna to sit. Ananya comes running and falls. Aryaman runs to her. Srijala asks him to call a doctor. Ananya says no, just lift me and take me to my room.

Krishna says I will go to college with Pia, you take Ananya inside. Aryaman asks her to go if she wants to go alone. He lifts Ananya and takes her. Pia asks Ananya to come, time is running up. Aryaman cares for Ananya. She says I have planned my entire day with you. Isha comes and asks what happened. Srijala thinks if Ananya is acting. She says Sid will take care of Ananya, Aryaman, you go to college, how will Krishna and Mohan manage. Sid says yes, you handle your wife and her brother. Aryaman says its imp that I go there, I have to go. Meghna taunts him. Pia and Krishna talk to Mohan on the way. Mohan says I will work hard to fulfill our ways. Pia says we reached the college. Aryaman argues with the family members. He asks them not to worry about Mohan, its imp to take Ananya to the doctor. Srijala asks Sid to call a doctor for Ananya. Krishna asks Mohan not to make any mistake, not tell anyone that he wants to become a girl. Doctor checks Ananya and treats her. Anshuman says Kundan messaged, he said he will go with Sid for the meeting, he asked you to be with Ananya. Aryaman agrees. Ananya says we will have lunch. She gets his attention and complains of pain. She says Krishna is smart, don’t worry, she has trapped you and got her brother here, she will get Mohan’s admission done. He says that’s enough. She says she will get habitual to you if you help her, how will she manage after 6 months. Krishna says promise me, you will focus on your studies and not think of these stupid things, you will stay away from such people. The students see professor Anuradha and talk about her history. Krishna says promise me, Mohan, else I won’t let you go. Mohan thinks I wish someone was there to explain this to Krishna, this isn’t wrong, many such people think so. Anuradha collides with them and goes.

Pia talks to Aryaman on call. She says its almost done, Krishna is making Mohan fill the form. Aryaman says be with them, its new for them. Pia says Mohan will attend the class today. He says thanks, get Mohan along after college, I m sending a car for Krishna. Pia goes to Krishna and says Aryaman is sending a car for you. Krishna says no, I will be here, I can’t leave him and go, its his first day. Pia says Aryaman also stayed with me on my first day, you both are same.

Krishna asks Mohan to study well and make her proud. Mohan hugs her. He goes with Pia. Krishna thinks to go to canteen. She sees Aryaman and says what is he doing here, did he come to pick me.

The episode ends

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