Parineetii 6th July 2024 Written Update

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Parineetii 6th July 2024 Written Episode

Parineet tells Ambika that Sanju is going to face the consequences because of Neeti. Ambika says that she can’t understand her words recently. She asks her to explain it to her. Daima says that she feels the same. Ambika tells her that Parineet has Mata Rani’s blessing. She is also there to support her. Parineet says that something going to happen which is unexpected. Neeti’s game is going to be end. Meanwhile, Neeti breaks the mirror in an anger. Parineet is waiting for Neeti. Daima says that they will definitely come. Ambika asks her to contact Sanju and confirms it. Parineet calls Sanju. He feels Parineet’s voice. She says to him that he promised to her. He had the habit to break his promise. She believes that he will bring Neeti here. He says to her that their business deal was cancelled. Parineet says that it didn’t cancelled yet. We didn’t sign the deal yet. He nodded to her. He thinks that something definitely happened. He will find the reason behind it.

Bebe asks Gurinder if Sanju lost his sense? Why did he promised to Parvathi that Neeti will apologize to her. Gurinder says that Parvathi puts a condition like that. Sanju doesn’t have an another option. Gurinder says that she doesn’t know why Parvathi hates Neeti this much. Daljeet says that Parvathi ruined Neeti’s peace. Daljeet staring Babli. Vickram asks him what’s he doing? He asks Gurpreet what’s going on here? She narrates to him whatever happened. He thinks that Neeti won’t apologize to anyone. Meanwhile, Neeti meets Parineet. She asks her what’s she doing? Parineet says that she would have asked this question to her Sanju. Neeti says that she would have get the bail. But she played her trick. Parineet asks her why she didn’t asked Sanju about it? Sanju and her mom was begging on her to release Neeti. Neeti says that Sanju loves her. That is why he did that to her. Ambika says that they don’t care about her love. If she dare to talk like this to her daughter then she will send her to the jail forever. Neeti asks her to check her face expression. She will definitely prove that she is Parineet. Parineet says that she can’t prove it. Parineet says to her that Sanju agreed to say sorry to her. Neeti says that she won’t say it. She leaves from there. Parineet says to Ambika that Neeti and Sanju are going to argue with each other. She will witness Sanju’s new avathar. She will get mad that he is supporting her.

Sanju asks Bebe about Neeti? Neeti comes there and says to him that he shouldn’t take any decisions in her life. How could he say to Parvati that she will apologize to her. She won’t apologize without her mistake. Sanju says that she threatened to kill her. Neeti refuses to apologise to her. Sanju says that they will lose everything because of her attitude. He won’t listen to her words anymore. Gurinder asks Babli to leave from there. Parineet says to Ambika that she wanted to know what’s going on there. She asks her to call Babli. She calls Babli and learns that Neeti and Sanju are arguing with each other. Parineet informs her mom about it. She says that Parineet’s plan succeeded. Let’s call them later to add fuel in the fire. Sanju complaints to Neeti that she ruined everything. Neeti says that she is Parineet. He asks her to understand that she is Parvathi not Parineet. She created an issue in her house. Neeti says that she challenged to her that she will prove it. Sanju says that he begged to her. He did everything for his family and Neeti. Neeti says that he did it to be in Parineet’s good book. He is fed up with her. Bebe says that Parineet creates a problem in between them. Sanju gets a call. Parineet says that he broke her promise. Neeti snatched the phone and complaints that she created a problem inbetween them. Parineet disconnected the call.

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